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About VA Long Beach Healthcare System...
5901 E. Seventh Street
Long Beach, CA 90822
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VA Long Beach Healthcare System Reviews

2 reviews
It's a purposeful job, helping the veterans who serve our country. In any hospital or clinical environment, we care for the people of our communities and are always giving back. It is special that I get to give back to those who sacrifice so much for us to even have the choice where to work, go to school, vacation, live and fulfill our hopes. It is very hard not to leave work grateful when you've taken care of patients who have spinal cord injuries, neuro-muscular disease processes, and other trauma as a result of serving our country. When I get asked at the grocery store to round up the change for a donation to a charity, I often will. However, knowing that I spend my 12 hour shifts taking care of veterans that have taken care of us makes me feel like I have made a contribution back to our reality which reflects freedom, prosperity and joy.
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There are Volunteers all over the hospital that help navigate your way to each location. A lot of the staff members will direct you to the next person elk to provide a more proper answer if they do not know the correct answer.