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I love working at Utah valley hospital. I feel honored to be working with such an awesome organization. They give me plenty of opportunity to participate and show my talents. I feel that I make a difference in my job.
I work as an EVS tech in the emergency room. And I love working there, the atmosphere is great and challenging so you never know what your night is going to be like.
I have work at Utah Valley for three years and i would not change a thing in the position I am in. I have the best manager and the best schedule there really is not a thing i would change. I got blessed to love the place I get to work.
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I love my job and the people I work with! The company as a whole gives raises each year and the benefits are great, but the floor I work on is the best of all. My managers take such good care of us!
Love the environment here at Utah Valley Hospital. I truly have the best coworkers. This is the third hospital i have worked at and the coworkers are just so helping, caring, and we all communicate with one another. The enviorment is so caring and we truly have empathy for all of our patients and their families. Whenever there is an opporutinity to give an exroidinary care, even if its not for the patient, we give it. We love taking care of families, and being an awesome team while doing it.
Utah Valley Hospital maintains a very professional yet personal atmosphere, run by management that is truly looking to inspire and help their employees. I have felt at home since orientation and that hasn't changed in the least.
I have really enjoyed my time here working at IHC. For the past 3 years I have worked on a medical overflow floor. We see a variety of patients with a variety of health issues. I love the people that I work with. I love that I can work two nights a week and be done. I do however think that the management on my unit could be better. I have not been too impressed with what I have seen in the past 3 years.
I have loved the staff during MUN internship here at Utah valley hospital. I get the amazing opportunity to shadow doctors and nurses that have so much experience, and in turn I have learned so much that I am confident will help propel me on my way through medical school and eventually into my own career as a doctor.
Liked the friendly staff, would like to see more patient friendly "comfort" food. Everything is diet which is great but not always necessary for certain people with certain health concerns. Offering both options rather than forcing everyone to eat the same regardless of their dietary needs is not ideal.
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