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USAA is a great company that truly cares about its employees and members. Some of the entry level positions are difficult, but it’s worth it.
USAA by far is the best company I have ever worked for. They make sure to let you know how appreciated you are and even encourage you to take advantage of Educational Benefits and Paid Time Off. They provided the longest training time for the job to ensure you know your material and understand their mission to help their members. My original intentions were to stay at this job for maybe 2 years and move on, but I am thinking of possibly retiring here. It is truly a great company to work for as long as you show up on time and ready to work. They do not require perfection, only improvement. I highly recommend USAA as an employer to anyone.
USAA is a great company and a great place to work. They really do go over and beyond to keep their workers happy. I will always recommend USAA out to my family and friends/
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Usaa is a great employer to work for. There’s opportunity for development along with work flexibility. They offer great benefits for the whole family. The company is always innovative to ensure they remain competitive with the industry of insurance, banking, technology and mortgage. The workplace dynamics is impeccable which allows for a positive environment. This provides happy employees motivated to accomplish the same goals within the organization. Usaa is a great place to work at.
I like the benefits. They are competitive with jobs in the industry and area. Employees must be flexible and willing to adapt to change. The change can result in your role going away, and then you might have to be ready for learning a new job with new responsibilities and new skills.
USAA is a fantastic place to work. They know how to treat both their members and their employees. Usaa offers outstanding benefits that most companies in San Antonio cannot compete with.
I enjoy working in an industry leader and appreciate the fact that managers care about their employees and their career goals.
I love working here. They take car of their employees and set you up for success. This company is one of the best I have worked for.
Great place to work the base looks like it’s own little community. I worked for Sodexo at USAA, I was a catering chef it was a great experience with many options to move up.
USAA is one of the best places to work! They value not only their members , but their employees as members also. The pay is average to above average and the benefits package is outstanding!
Amazing culture of honesty, loyalty, integrity and service. An environment that promotes self development and continuing education. Love what I do and the mission of this company!
USAA is the one of the best employers next to Apple Inc! I’ve worked for both so I do know what I am talking about. USAA is very organized and follows through on their word. Health insurance is very affordable and you get a debit card to pay for any copays and prescriptions so I’ve never had an out of pocket expense. They pay for your can get almost any degree including nursing! They match 8% for retirement. You get a company bonus which has been upwards of 16% each year of your total salary. You also get Christmas bonus which is a full check. If you work at the main office in San Antonio’s, there are little dept like stores, chic fil a , subway, Chinese restaraunts, sit and dine restaraunt, Wendy’s, a free state of the art gym, on site clinic...the benefits are endless! I can’t say more good things about this company!
A great place to work with affordable housing nearby located in a fun and youthful city. The culture is somewhat slower than other's in the same industry however don't let that fool you the people here are sharp, well educated, and extremely capable. This is fast growing and well rewarding place to be right now.
They treat their employees very well. However their practices are a bit archaic and because of the amount of former military and federal government employees that work there, there isn't a lot of talented private sector leaders. It's not a competitive environment if you come from the private sector, but it is highly political. That said, they invest heavily in their people and have excellent benefits and bonuses. Compensation is below average if you're a professional in a specific discipline or domain, but above average for generalists or people who have bounced around many careers. EXCELLENT WORK-LIFE BALANCE. Not a high pressure environment at all.
Great work environment, does what is needed to help their workers achieve their goals. It has a great program on campus is Toastmasters that allows employees to fine tune their speaking skills at work and gain self confidence as an employee.
Great, professional, inviting, and fun! These are just a few of the things I could say about USAA! I’m great full to work for a company that takes care of their employees as well as their members!
My experience with USAA has been great as far as educational assistance. The benefits are nice however compensation may not equivalent to the expectations being required
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Wish there was more flexibility with schedules, especially for students. There are lots of perks such as hald price lunches as long as they are healthy items, free access to gyms. PTO is great but sometimes can be hard to get because seniority gets priority first.
The job is very fast paced and you must be able to multi-task. The environment and culture is what gets employees through their work. The benefits are by far the best with great retirement and tuition reimbursement plan.
I have completed 2 internships and it was an amazing experience. My team members all took out time to help develop numerous skills. The overall corporate environment is very welcoming.
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