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Would not recommend to anyone with a life or a family, “area manager” has no idea what he’s doing. Only apply if you already have a foot in and plan to work 60-80 hours per week with minimum pay. Workplace is comparable to a high school with loads of drama and gossip.
I have worked for U.S. Security Associates long enough to give an accurate review. The best part about U.S. Security Associates is that it is a decent company for a college student to work for. The pay and fourteen-hour shifts are not ideal. However, most managers will allow students to study and do homework when there is downtime at the site. Being able to work on schoolwork is the only real benefit this company can offer. The management is fickle and has a history of going back on their word. If you can manage to tolerate fickle managers, long shifts, no personal days/vacations, work all holidays, $9.00 an hour, and poor benefits, the jobs are decent enough to work while in college. There is always overtime, and every site is constantly understaffed. Also, calling in sick more than once will get you in trouble so be prepared to catch your co-worker's stomach flu. I apologize for not being able to say many positive aspects of this company.
When I first started with this company I was offered a great temporary job position. I worked through that one and got transferred over permanently to another site, I thought it was great and an amazing opportunity having to work by my house. I enjoy my job at Tesla as a security, however the company I work for is very unorganized. When we first started it was very unorganized, but they slowly got it all together and it's much more organized at this point yet it still has it's pros and cons.
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Good steady job, plenty of ways to move around, even from city to city. Flexible schedule. Good if you're in college and want to study on site
I have worked here 6 years and I have nothing bad to say. This is a great company to work for and I really love my job.
It's not a hard job and it's great that the downtime lets me work on schoolwork. But it's happened a few times already that they didn't pay me for overtime and I had to bug them for weeks to get paid. The actual work varies based on where they put you.
They pay decent, they say they’ll work with your school schedule and not accommodate at all. Make you pay for uniforms and never have correct sizes.
This is not the place to work if you want succeed in life. Management is horrible and there is no room for growth.
Good company to work for. I get treated fairly and have an enjoyable work environment. Work is generally pretty easy, especially for the pay..
The management is deplorable. The great thing is I'm at the highest paid post (even though its not much). But with the management being highly unprofessional it does not make the best work environment. Since it pays the bills and works with my college schedule I will remain employed with this company until a better opportunity arises.
I found the company to be unorganized with several of their accounts and could use more work at the managerial level.
You work hard for them, you become a supervisor ranking Captain, and at the end of the day you are nothing to them. No vacation pay in my last year either.
The company has good values, sometimes some of the corporate contacts do not respond fast, and the outsourcing of interview schedules is not the greatest. Overall I enjoy who I work with and enjoy my job.
I have been working at my job for more than 8 years , US security took over the last company 2 years ago, i must say since they took over, we have had better equipment and better managers but when it comes to pay rate and PTO time this became a nightmare. Officers were struggling to go on vacation and sometimes, when you go on vacation , you are most likely will not have paycheck after your vacation. As of lately , they are making a lot of improvements specially in their management. We have a better manager that advocate for us and took the time to hear about our issues.
Good pay. Good accounts. I was being treated poorly and blackmailed by a couple of supervisors at a post and I didn't get my needs addressed. I also asked for a consistent schedule but I didn't get my needs addressed.
My experience has been ok, there is alot of tuner over due to pay rate and no good insurance. I would like to see this company increase pay and better insurance and education assistance.
The company is okay, they should be more selective on who becomes a supervisor. Pay depends on location, and it is hard to take days off.
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it was job started out well but than things started going left and people were't happy with management and salary
The security field is full of many lazy people making it impossible to get a decent paying job. Worked a four years for near minimal wages. Had massive turnover, around one a month. Everything is so micromanaged growth is nearly impossible. Very low paying for how many physically dangerous situations we are forced to deal with.
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