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I work a an RCA (a sub for regular rural mail carriers). I love that I get to spend most of my day by myself outside (in & out of truck). I sort through and organize mail, flats, and packages; load them up, deliver them and I go home as soon as I finish. Most of the people at the 2 offices I have worked in have been friendly and down to earth. Sometimes things can get disorganized and scheduling has been off. Also the fan in the LLV trucks is not sufficient for summer deliveries. It can get hot, for sure. An AC should definitely be a requirement for USPS carriers in the southern states and hotter climates. Overall a good place and company to work for.
I would like to see more opportunities available to both current workers and new employees. I would like to see management treat their employees with respect daily. I would like for employees to get turned over within a reasonable timeframe and those on injured leave needs to vacate their positions to make room for other employees.
This job is a good paying job. It has good benefits, but you have to work long hours as a part time employee.
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It pays very well for a job/career that does not require a degree of any sort. However, the work load is very intense, especially during the holidays. I worked 50 days straight, so much over time. I was miserable. But it's a stable job in regards of pay, and we have a strong union if there were issues with job security.
I am very content with this company and look forward to a long career. Flexibility for hour and family are extremely great. Retirement plan is great. Medical benefits are open with a lot of choices. Growth is becoming available with a lot of employees retiring so opportunity is knocking. By the time I am 50 I will have enough to reitre early if I choose.
Good place to work but hard working people are not appreciated . Did part time work as a carrier but you don't get proper training. They just want you to be back by a certain time and don't care if you deliver the mail correctly.
I like fact, that they give you training befoe putting you out on the road. What I dislike is there is no team work, and I can't talk to the regular driver, The clerk tells me, I can only talk to her. I don't understand, we are carriers on the road. Why we can't communicate with each other?
Holiday season working is good. Long hours and good pay lead to a great paycheck. It is a very active position and you will most likely always be busy. Co-workers are friendly and very helpful.
I like a paycheck every 2 weeks. I don't like the environment. Not easy to navigate work and school. Golden handcuffs. You get the job start buying a life and wammo get stuck for the rest of your life paying for something you thought you wanted. USPS keeps the middle class middle and miserable.
I like the set schedule and pay! As an ARC, you don't get all of the benefits as a regular carrier but you get your foot in the door. You also don't have to take the postal exam for this position!
I’m a newly promoted MPE Level 9. I’m the only woman in my department. I would love to see more diversity in my unit!
The Supervisors didn't had any college degrees and try to break the spirit of the mail carriers so they can't complaint or gets their rights. If you complaint about anything they let you on your house couple of days without pay. They had preference above employees and change the schedule to their favorites instead of the other people. They discriminate by race and ethnicity.
The model of the Postal Service has quite an amazing structure. So many jobs and layers of responsibilities are needed to effectively run this service. The biggest drawback of the Postal Service is how long it takes to adapt to growth. We are approaching an era where the demand for package delivery is increasing exponentially, and we do not have the equipment to handle the volume. This is a struggle that the USPS will eventually overcome, but likely long after its competitors; Due to it's non-profit structure, contrary to the popular belief that USPS is federally funded.
Loved the coworkers. Management tends to only be concerned about the mail being delivered by a certain in order for them to get their bonuses. They preach safety first, but yell at you to rush and be done. Other than that, you're pretty much out on your own the whole shift and can work crazy hours.
As a CCA, schedules are unpredictable. The pay is good, but they'll hire anyone off the street. It seems most employees take no pride in their work and, frankly, are very lazy. On the plus side, the exercise is good and it gives you a good feeling to be able to help customers with their problems when they arise. Once you become a regular, however, the pension is decent and you can choose your own overtime every quarter, thus regularizing your schedule.
Hostile work environment, the only reason I stay is because of the money. Very negative place to work. The managers are rude. We do have a very strong union that will help fight when they are treating you bad but it still is horrible to have to work in this environment.
Working at the USPS is a challenging and rewarding career. It is always changing, and you learn new skills daily.
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Only reason people stay there is because of the compensation and if not maybe to buy back their military time to be closer to retirement.
I am ALMOST off of probation and then there will be a wait to become a "regular" carrier. I really enjoy the work, but I do not enjoy worrying about being called off that day from work and hopefully, as time passes, my number won't be called on much, if at all!
Working for the Post Office can be stressful, but the pay is great. I am a letter carrier in the state of Wisconsin so it can definitely be challenging! Also in the summer, dealing with heat and keeping hydrated. I like that I have learned more about my city and also the city of Wauwatosa.
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