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Depending on the job, it can demand a lot of time and energy. The benefits are good, but actual care can vary by location and availability. It provides opportunities to do things other employers can't or would not do. In a short amount of time you can learn a lot and being a part of this type of community is very appealing to civilian employers.
Poor leaders, great managers. It is a company that has a lot of money to make inefficient process "work." Employees have a falsified sense of value and are made to believe there whole life's goal is to be in this job.
As a federal employee, I like the benefit package they have. Also, for the most part the potential of growth is there but you have to seek it. Overall, I'm very satisfied working for the United States government as a whole.
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I have been able to travel and go to school which has been wonderful. The major downside though is the amount of work, lack of manning, and seemingly never ending political aspects has diminished the excitement.
Overall, the Navy has allowed me to mature financially and as a man. I had the opportunity to travel, meet life-long friends, and embark on having a career that I enjoy.
Best and worst job I ever had. However the compensation and paid leave time is pretty good. Plus free medical and dental. The field op and deployment tempo meant a lot of time away from home but as a Corpsman, most of the hard work is on clinic seeing patients, who are usually your friends anyway.
Had an experience that would’ve been good, but was ultimately ruined by poor management and heavy handed policy
Overall the benefits and experience are well worth the long hours and the copious amount of work below your trained education level.
I would describe myself as a career sailor. The Navy is a great career path with much room for growth and development in your personal and professional lives. This career path offered me an opportunity to travel the world and meet amazing people from all walks of life. I believe the traditions, customs, and courtesies all attribute to the comradery, the brother, and sisterhood, that people gravitate towards, mainly because it cannot be obtained anywhere else.
I am a hospital corpsman serving overseas in Sicily Italy. I work in the Emergency Department as an EMT. I have traveled all over the world practicing medicine in many different places.
The U.S. Navy is more concerned with "the mission" than they are with the people completing the mission.
The Navy provides an amazing opportunity and, in essence, it's a pretty easy job. The benefits are well worth it.
The main issues with this organization are the individuals unwilling to change the toxic environment. The benefits look good on paper due to current economic status in our country, but if you enjoy freedom and being treated like a human being, I would not recommend joining.
It's all on how you make of being in the Navy.
Cons: But you do sacrifice a lot. You are away from your family a lot. The living life on a ship is terrible. Lack of food, personal space and long hours both in port and out to sea. On my ship, we didn't even have fully capable toilets. At one time for 200 men, we only had 2 working toilets. The other bathrooms in the berthing (living spaces) were flooded with human waste. Even after cleaning up the bathrooms, they would just overflow again.

Pros: You get to travel the world which is pretty cool, you get to meet some good people as well. The benefits are nice as in a retirement pention, medical/dental and a 401K.
I have enjoyed the variety of locations that I may be stationed at. I also really enjoy the potential for growth, both in my career field and outside of it.
Your life is heavily dictated by your job and how hard you wish to work. You will get as much out of it as you put in, but the Navy will ALWAYS take a lot out of you. Expect to have 36 hour days and spend 100 hours a week at work. It's very common to spend every third night at work following a full day's work and stay at work for another full day before going home.
I love that we all work together to complete our mission. I work in the medical field and it is great to see all of the people work together to help active duty, retirees and family members.
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The people are a mixture of good and unhelpful. It is just a matter of figuring out what route you want to go in any job or pathway for success. I have learned so much from everyone that I have met, and I am very grateful. I would just like to see a lot of Sailor involvement and less excluding certain Sailors. The depression rate and suicide rate is increasing the longer I am in. We are losing too many good people. A lot of them feeling alone, failed relationships, pressure from work and supervisors.
It’s the perfect job great benefits travel expenses paid just awesome I’ve been fortunate to visit countries I only saw on television growing up my family is well taken of and can stay at the gym as along as I like
I love the Navy. If I could go back in time I wouldn't change my decision about joining. Granted many people find a lot of things about the US Navy to be too aggravating to deal with. Those people choose to get out of the service early. I myself find that you have to make the best of what you're given. I love the benefits and travel that you receive. I have also made life-long friends that are now basically family.
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