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My experience in the Marine Corps has been an educational experience. I was able to learn team work, and learned a sense of belonging. The job that I have held in the Marine Corps gave me a lot of education and experience working within the IT field that would benefit me in the real world.
I love the challenge and opportunities my job has provided. I have often said I have the best job in the world over the last 22 years of my career.
This provided me with great opportunities. It provided me with amazing job skills along with life experiences.
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Great place to find guideance and start out in life. You will gain maturity, resiliancy, and leadership skills while also becoming proficient at at least 1 of more than 350 different career fields.
I've enjoyed my time in the Marine Corps. Some days were better than others, but in the end, I'm better having had the experience of serving my country. With the new retirement plan, even those that serve for a single enlistment have the opportunity to save toward their future. The medical and dental benefits can't be beaten and you never have to worry about job security.
Great benefits, health care and annual and sick leave. Great opportunities for training, education reimbursement and professional development
Adapt and Overcome. The Few the Proud the Marines. Keep Quite and Carry a big stick. Rah. Stack Bodies.
It has been rough but a great learning experience. You get out what you put in, do not expect to slack off and succeed. You have many benefits that will allow you to finish college and pursue higher education.
Overall, I would never regret the decision to enlist. I've been able to learn a wide variety of skills, see a complete different side of the world, and interact with people whose opinions and backgrounds are starkly different from my own. Because of a mandatory level of workplace transparency, I understand what it takes to unite a group of young men and women together in order to accomplish a mission. And while it my not always be picture perfect, you will excel because you understand that you have both the weight of your country and fellow service members to hold, but you also have their support.
It's a great experience over all. I've been afforded many travel opportunities which is what I loved the most. And there are many benefits for anyone including like myself, becoming a US citizen
The amount of growth, that this career path has given me, is unimaginable.
I love the Marine Corps and wish I could stay in until retirement; however, I feel like I served this country enough as a Marine, and need to give back to society as an educator. This great nation needs to have its youth mentored and guided properly, and I feel like I can make a bigger impact there, than in the Corps.
I’ve stayed in long enough to understand why we do certain things daily, and I plan on transitioning to the officer side to change other things that aren’t necessary and waste time.
For the majority of my time in service, I have enjoyed the people and friends that I have made - the ability to network with people from around the world, that you would have never met if you did not enlist into military service, is fantastic.

I enjoyed my Field Operations and my training; I wish they would give new service members the opportunity to utilize the pension/legacy retirement program, instead of a 401k-type retirement program.
The Marine Corps is extremely difficult and challenging both physically and mentally. In lieu of the difficulties, the relationships built during time of service are long lasting. Each Marine is responsible for his/her success professionally and personally. Although, Marines are willing to help each other, some others will hinder their career progression. Despite, the unrelenting challenges, the Marine Corps offers the opportunity to better oneself. Not for the faint of heart.
I join the US Marine Oct 2001, I am proud to server the United States of America as U.S Marine. Being part of this organization has made my family proud and had give me the opportunity to accomplish my goal I had made during High School.
I love being able to serve my country and all the benefits are a great addition. The brotherhood that is formed working so closely with everyone are lasting bonds that cannot be broken. We would all do anything for each other.
Great job, lots of on the job training, good job school, great leadership, and chances to better myself every day.
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I joined the Marine Corps a week after I graduated High School. I've spent just about 5 years on Active Duty so far. I believe that my time in the Marine Corps has made me a better person. It definitely wasn't easy, but it was worth it. The hours that you work can vary a lot and there are a lot of instances where you lose time off. The people that you work with is one of the best parts about this job. Through the struggles that you deal with you will become very close with the people that you work with and it will lead to life long friendships.
Its honorable, but the Marine Corp is honestly a waste of the tax dollar. the army, navy, air force can do everything we can do and probably better with bigger budget. also life doesn't suck as much in those branches.
The Marine itself as an organization takes care of its personnel, besides the GI Bill we also have tuition assistance that one can use for education. the medical benefits are also amazing. medical treatments are free no matter what condition it is. The biggest problem with this organization is its lack of communication and the leadership. There is always a long chain of approval process, it would take hours to deliver information that should take seconds.
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