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The culture leaves much to be desired. People are only out for themselves and there is no consideration for other coworkers. The work itself is rewarding and the benefits are much better than in the private sector.
I really like woking with Veterans. I get to listen to their experiences and most Veterans are very gracious. I would like to see the process for mental health and substance abuse to change. I am currently working with a coworker to try to find a better process for getting these Veterans and those that love them including: family members and caregivers more support and assistance.
Great opportunities here with the right leadership. As a federal employee for more than 9-years, this is one of the better facilities to work for. Despite the struggles, I do recommend my employer as
a great place to work.
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Great place to work. There are many opportunities for advanced careers and the really value education.
I would like for my company to understand that life is hard sometimes and we all need time off to take care of family. I wish my department understood that and would not penalize me for not having leave.
I work at the Veterans Crisis Line. I love my job, talking to Veterans. I am able to be there for Veterans in crisis and connect them to services and resources within and outside of the VA. My direct supervisor is beyond amazing. She is supportive, motivating, and provides excellent constructive criticism that leads to growth. Upper level management has yet to learn how to communicate effectively with the Frontline staff, listen to Frontline staff, and meet basic needs of staff that would increase our productivity, retention, and wellness. The pay is great, benefits are great but getting time off can be difficult.
Bottom Line: The work makes the upper level mismanagement worth it.
I would like to see more care and compassion not only for the employees but the veterans as well. There always seems to be overworked and underpaid employees and they take their frustration out on our nation's heroes.
Great place to work. Great opportunities for advancements. Training could have been more organized but over all a great experience.
Excellent benefits and pay. Opportunity for growth. Job security. Able to transfer to different locations throughout the U.S.
They give you this speech in employee orientation about how different they are but when it comes down to it they’re not the bosses don’t listen to you and they are immune to the policies that you have to follow. I wouldn’t recommend it.
The hiring process is long but worth the wait! The VA can be a difficult place your first year. The people and processes aren't like community places but once you decide that you are there for the Veterans and you see that YOU can make a difference, it is such a great place to be every day.
Good experience very fast paced you have to have good eyes to read food tickets be physically fix And mentally strong
I like the fact that you can learn a lot of different things and meet a lot of helpful people while working for the Department of Veterans Affairs. However, I wish the statement that their is One VA was true; I want to transition out of the Office of Information and Technology (OI&T) over to the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) but in order to do so I must apply for positions within VHA on USAJOBS like the rest of America. I wish there was an easier way to transition into different Departments/Organizations within the Department of Veterans Affairs; especially since I been an employee at this organization for 11 almost 12 years now.
I like that Department of Veteran Affairs has employment opportunities to venture on to do different other things and trainings that helps lead to better opportunities within the department sectors
I enjoy working for VHA. I love serving veterans. I think that they provid stability for their employees and a good benefits and retirement program. The only downside is I feel like they hire a lot of bad seeds and Managment does not do their job in disciplining. Also because it’s the government processes take a long time to get done.
I've learned a lot of thing while working there and I love the benefits packages as well as getting paid while off work on holidays. For the most part the employees are great wot work with. I do however think our veterans could be compensated a little better and more should be done to keep them from being homeless and I think the Dept. of Veteran Affairs could help their employees more when they are returning to school to further their education for better positons within the company.
Best employer ever. Great benefits for all employees including dental, vision and medical! Great supervisors and your colleagues help create a great working environment!
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I answer back to back calls from upset callers that either want more money, or to blame the office for their personal hardships. The Veteran's Benefits Administration National Call Center attracts employees that wish to make a difference, but employees have no power to affect any type of change. Management continually adds to the expected on the call actions, with minimal training and increased quality control standards. Frustrations abound within this work environment.
- Lots of improvements are occurring to better serve our Vets.
- Leadership in some service lines are really doing their best to make the workplace better.
- Job security.
- Average to good pay and benefits.

- Too many unsatisfactory employees who seemly cannot be fired or laid off for whatever reason. These employees have poor customer service and shoddy work quality and they are what's bringing turmoil to the VA. It makes other people's jobs much harder to perform because they cannot carry their own weight.
- Minimal upward advancements
- HR office is rude and does not seem to work very hard
The VA is a great place to work. The benefit of being a Veteran and working for the VA is that your surrounded by people that share your interest in and for the military.
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