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I would like to seem more encouragement for implementation of updated practices and more room for career growth. Good benefits and stable.
The BOP is a very amazing job and quick to climb the ladder if you put your energy and time in. The people here are like family and we all have each others back
Working for the Department of Justice gives one the knowledge of legal procedures and the filing of documents. It also requires one to prepare documents for the Judge review. One also gets the knowledge of legal codes.
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no room for advancement I want to explore opportunity to get my 2nd graduate degree In order to have a career thats flexible when I retire
Working at the federal court has proven to be stable, with good benefits and some opportunities for growth even within the first year. It has been an immense learning experience entering the judiciary after having worked within the nonprofit realm, and overall I feel supported from management. As the older workforce exits, newer employees with diverse experience and identities seem to be trickling in, which is exciting.
Great location in downtown Portland, a beautiful city. However, parking is not provided for most employees, including me. As a result I have to commute in via public transportation, which adds two hours onto my workday.
The Department is Justice is an excellent department to work for! Everyone involved in the daily processes of the department are easy to work with and get along with! The best part about working here is that everything that is done is for the betterment of the US Government. It was an amazing feeling to know that I was apart of something so just!
This experience was supposed to be about making a difference and affecting positive change in environment when folks are adverse to this occurring. I remain optimistic that inevitable change will bring about a shift in attitudes and the mindset of leadership.
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