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It's a steady paycheck and if you have worked here for about seven years, you have job security. Unfortunately, everyone one they have hire as of lately has been a contracted at-will worker who works just as hard as everyone else. To be promoted means absolutely nothing except and increase in pay and loss of job security. It says nothing about you knowledge of the job or anything else. In fact, most of the managers are really not that bright and somewhat dimwitted to point where many qualified workers will not apply for the position out of concern for their own character. Upper management refuses to listen to front line workers, which leads to the most asinine business operations to ever be implemented. This leads to chaos which leads to worker frustration and fatigue.
Had a wonderful experience working at HHS as an intern. Management was very open to the idea of involving in me multiple projects and allowing me to attend healthcare seminars, which was essential for my professional growth. I had a wonderful time and would recommend it.
Great place to work. The cultural diversity is what drives this company. The people really care about the work that they are doing to propel its citizens to optimal health. They believe, wholeheartedly, in health equity.
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I would like to see lover level employees be promoted because of their work time and experience. The culture in my organization is that if you are not a scientist then you can be promoted. I have enjoyed my time at this organization and have gained valuable friendships and colleagues over the years. I encourage growth and like the fact that we have the opportunity to explore details to another division.
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