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U.S. Customs and Border Protection Reviews

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My overall experience at U.S. Customs and Border Protection is an extreme mix. The culture here is political and your employment status here depends on who you know and whom are their connections with power. You could start at the top, or work your way to the top and have the best of pay, schedule, work, etc., but if you upset the wrong person then it could all be over so fast you would have difficulty figuring out what to do. If you get employed here and those same people like you, then regardless of how much you know or how little you know, you can excel to better positions with better pay. A person without any experience can be placed into a much higher position and never really need to worry about performing the work they have assigned to them, because the actual work could be given to other employees to do. The credit of the work would go toward the original employee, not necessarily the employee that actually performed the work.
Excellent Benefits and opportunity for mobility and advancement. The agency encourages employees to diversify skills and offers locations all over the country.
Great job security and benefits. No issues, to report or complain about. 40+hr work weeks, a lot of over time in some areas. 2 weeks of pto a year. Depending on the location there are many different work groups to be apart of, and may collateral duties as well. Opportunites to work over seas with your lodging paid.
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Poor upper management. No opportunities for growth or additional training. Morale is low to non-existent.
I have worked in CBP and prior to that for 22 years. I loved working for CBP. It pays well, is challenging, and rewarding.
Excellent job with great benefits. This job requires shift work and weekends. Holidays worked are optional. Must pass rigorous training academy.
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