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Working at us cellular can be a great experience if you make it one. Paychecks are largely commission dependent, leaving your potential earnings on your shoulders. Management techniques vary by location, making store transfers difficult, but the company had an overall friendly, and inviting environment.
My experience at U.S. Cellular is very unique because the leaders here are very nice, relate able, and very efficient when it comes to solving any issues the employees might have. They always make sure all employees are taken care of no matter what the situation is. it is just overall the best place I have ever worked!
Great work environment, very demanding to meet and exceed quotas on a monthly basis. Great benefits and pay structure provided you maintain prefomance
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U.S Cellular treats their customers AND employees like a neighbor and not just a number. While working at U.S Cellular I have had 3 different leaders (we call them leaders, not managers or other common corporate terminology), and each one has LEADED me to success. We believe that "feedback is love." I have also attended school while working at U.S Cellular for the past year, and they have always been accommodating and supportive with my educational career. I am part time and I get just about the same benefits as a full time associate, which makes life a lot easier! The thing I love most about U.S Cellular is that there is room for growth and opportunity always within the company! They are always looking for talent within the company just as much as outside! I have worked in two different work environments and each one has always been a family to me! I recommend anyone to work for this company!
My job is awesome. We are a cell phone company. We sale cell phones, services and other products. We make a lot of money. We meet and build relationships with great customers. My boss knows how to talk to us and they know how to make let better in sales. One of the best retail jobs I had in a while.
It is a great company to work for as far as benefits but working in individual sales can get to be cut throat.
A lot of continuous organizational changes to improve efficiencies and remain competitive. My position was eliminated once and so I left the organization. However, I came back in to another role due to the ethics, values, behaviors, and culture of the organization.
I love to work here. The whole organization recognizes associates who are on the frontlines. I will say some of the goals seem to be unattainable but you have to rework your sales process to make sure it meets what you’re needing to sale.
like The culture. Would change the benefits to support college students back to 100% coverage, with out it is just another company.
I like my job because it is flexible. It also can be demanding at times. I have awesome co-worker I deal with and then there are days when I am cranky I don't have to deal with anybody. I work remotely so I do not have to report to an office.
I work at a Premier Locations (Agent) U.S. Cellullar and they are very different from a corporate owned store. I just want that to be a disclaimer.
I love working for this company. I have just reached my 3 year anniversary with the company. I make great money, my coworkers and managers are great and the environment is relaxed. My only dislike is the changes in commission structure when they make it more difficult to make more money or hit your target goals in the slower months.
It was an amazing place to work. Great benefits and amazing culture. The pay was better than any other company in the industry. Employee support staff were friendly and professional. Accountability was a major focus within the culture.
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