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Great team the people who I work with. My manager is great person. Always have time to talk with you about how your work load is going. Always meeting with each person let them know what is needed to be improved.
It’s conveniently located for me because it’s 2 minutes away from where I live. For the most part, the energy is negative. A lot of the employees are unhappy being there. There’s not much support from management. The bank is open 7 days a week and both the manager and assistant manager are off every weekend. There’s really not a strong support system there.
Great place to work with great benefits. But I did not enjoy the sales pressure, especially in the in-store branches. I did not feel like I could truly help people in position at bank because of restrictions.
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Diversity among staff, supportive and empathetic management and plenty of opportunities for growth. Rewards for going above and beyond. Feel like my work I do is appreciated and noticed.
Overall, I would say that my experience at US Bank has been an enjoyable one. The pay is competitive, the hours aren't the worst, and the lively and diverse group of people you get to work with keeps every day interesting and unique. There are problems, mostly with company communication to employees and the severe disconnect with modern technology and how to better incorporate it into the company systems. I would highly recommend working here to anyone interested in working for a diverse, ethical company, but would put in that unless you hold a position readily able to showcase sales then don't look to be recognized for outstanding work by anyone other than your immediate manager.
I would not recommend this company if your a teller, but you should really check out the management on different levels before you accept a job. The pay is better then most banks but the coaching and training has need of immense help, and they don't give you much time for additional training past initial training.
I’ve worked for US Bank for 10 years. As a company, they have continuously supported my growth. I have a good work/life balance. The benefits are lacking though. Our medical insurance isn’t great. That is probably one of the biggest complaints.
I like my co-workers and the atmosphere that I work in. We have a friendly, diverse and respectful team. What would I like to see change? I would appreciate more work hours. I currently work part-time and live paycheck to paycheck. I am also a student attempting to better myself and stay open to potential opportunities. However, I believe more income could help with my circumstances.
The company strives to make its employees make and gives great compensation and benefits. They could be a little better and communicating goals through all channels to make sure all employees are on the same page.
The culture teaches you everything you need to know about banking and creates the best possible you in the challenges of an up paced work environment.
Great place to work. With the company for over 13 years. Very competitive culture, but good people. Upper management cares about eveyone in the organization from top to bottom
Been with US Bank ever since high school, they do more than just offer internships! I moved up from internships to an actual position into college!
Extremely nice coworkers and good work environment. The hours are great and I have plenty of free time to spend studying for school. Overall, this is a great place to work because it offers opportunities to learn and grow as a person.
I have been with U.S. Bank for the past two years and it’s been great. My manager is awesome at keeping her team focus and definitely acknowledges everyone’s efforts.
Work as a Bank Teller. Position gives me a lot of flexibility with school. Working for the company gives everyone a chance to grow and many different job opportunities within the company. Wish medical benefits was provided to part time employees.
US Bancorp is more focused on making money than actually helping and serving people. They are too sales driven and it takes away from the overall rapport that could be build with the clients. In addition, management is not well organized and their HR services lack understanding. Their technology is out dated and it makes it for a difficult work environment.
Certainly are not valued and get taken advantage of. Three Branches in 5 1/2 years and the same nonsense. Anyone gets hired for the branch manager role. Never know what they are doing and they take it out on the god employees. they burn the good people out. Wonder why turn over rate is so bad. No training
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There are opportunities for advancement with little to no schooling required, however, you must out perform your peers in sales and product recommendations. Networking is critical. I wish there were more positions available that were work from home and not customer facing, besides collections or telephone banking.
Company has equal opportunties for both men and women in management. Technology is slightly behind other financial institutions, very conservative on lending practices. I have always loved the people I work with, been with the bank for 6 years. Sometimes policy is changed so quickly that not everyone is on the same page, but team work is always strongly emphasized. This is not a bank to be a complete numbers pusher, and I am proud to say it has won world's most ethical bank for the last 3 years.
When I first joined U.S. Bank there was a sense of employee appreciation, customer harmony, and a clear vision for the future of the company. Employees felt important, needed, and appreciated for their efforts. The main goal of the employee was to ensure customer satisfaction and we were driven to helping the dreams of our employees come true. However, over the past five years there has been significant change in the senior leadership within the company. The values and priorities of the company have grown unrecognizable. Employees are being pushed to work longer hours with no additional pay In addition, we are no longer focused on making our customers dreams come true, rather, saving money and ignoring our customers needs and wants. U.S. Bank used to be the company of my dreams. A place where customers and employees were both valued to the company. Unfortunately this is no longer the case. It is still a job that I am thankful for.
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