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I have 13 years of service in the United States Army. My overall experience has been great. I learn a lot of great tools to help me be a better person for my family and friends. The Military has shown me a new life and great opportunities to be something big than myself.
Fort Bragg needs to work on their forms of communications. It is hard to be efficient and productive as an aviation unit while stationed at the heart of the airborne. There is not adequate time to proficiently train soldiers.
I like the benefits, but it can be a challenging lifestyle for many people. You have to be in shape, and your behavior is monitored at work, and in your personal life.
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I have been a soldier in the US Army for 5 years. I was naturalized as a US Citizen because of the US Army. I also gained a Bachelors degree in the US Army and was first of my family to do so. I have a brother that has just recently retired after serving 20 years in US army. I owe all of my success to the US army. I have been able to travel and visit many different countries. The experience I have gained for being in the US Army has set me up for years of success within the organization and there after into the civilian sector. I am very proud to be a US Army Soldier.
I've spent 7 years so far in the Army and I love what I do! I ca,me into the Army later in life at 22, already married to a Marine Veteran, therefore, I knew what military life was about to be. There are many differences between the branches, but I have to say the Army has sent me to some great places; Texas, South Carolina, Germany, Ohio, Romania, Bulgaria, and Italy. We lively atmosphere and great place to be!
I have enjoyed my time in the service, but I know that it is not for everyone. It takes a strong individual, and if you are married with children, a strong spouse and family life to make everything run smoothly.
The US Army is what you make of it. It could be great or it could be terrible. It is all on you to decide what kind of a career you will have.
The US Army is a place that breeds mediocrity. However, it has outstanding opportunities for upward movement, great benefits and it does make for an interesting work environment.
The Army offers a wide variety of opportunities to learn and grow professionally and personally. The Army provides a way to be a well rounded individual. You can focus on growing your technical skills while also take advantage of personal skills sets. The Army provides good training, but also access to recreational resources. The Army has a good balance of work hard/play hard mentality. The focus is on being a Soldier first, but the Army also understands that in order to be a good Soldier fit to fight and win the nation's wars, you must have a good support family system.
Overall, I have had a positive experience during my time in the US Army. Just like any other job, there have been ups and downs. Working 11 hour days everyday is draining and doing field training in the rain or snow tests your limits. I had the pleasure to work with people from all over the world and I have learned new skills in a variety of trades or jobs. Sure, I miss out on holidays and seeing my family, but I gained more than I lost. The military is not for everyone, but it was a stepping stone for me.
School opportunities are great! Just choose the right the school. Health Benefits are amazing as well.
The people you work with are great but all across the board leadership will take you time and waste your time. You will have promises broken and no moral you will be tired weak and hungry most of your career if you get into an upbeat unit. No free time no weekends be prepared.
Like every job it has it’s days. Although I love being a CH-47 mechanic, I am now on to a new step in my career being a Drill Sergeant.
I work on the civilian side of the Army, and am extremely happy with where I'm at. I take great pride in what I do everyday. The mission of my branch is paramount to our Nation's National security. It's fun, interesting, and there is great emphasis placed on my education and professional/self-development. I am also treated very kindly and with respect.
Best decision I ever made was to join the Army at 17.The Army has provided me an education, healthcare, and an opportunity to see the world. I would highly encourage anyone to join the Army.
As a member of the United States Army, I have learned many necessary skills to serve and protect my country. The Army has showed me how to lead a team of soldiers, how to navigate through a forest with only a map, taught me a foreign language, and provided me with the skills necessary to make a difference in the world. What I have enjoyed most are the bonds with my brothers and sisters of the armed forces than can never be broken. The community is so close and no matter where you are, you are never alone. I enjoy every aspect of my job and look forward to serving my country for many years to come. The pay could definitly be better, however I did not not join the army for money, I joined to ensure the safety of the greatest country in the world, the United States.
The people you meet are 90 percent of the time great. The certifications you receive will ensure that you make over six figures after your contract or retirement. You will mature greatly and see the world in a completely different way than you do currently. The only things that I would like to see changed are how individuals are promoted. Promotion is not based on work but instead it’s based on meeting certain requirements and timing.
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Overall a great experience. Learned a lot of life lessons through hands on training. Leadership abilities learned and executed are far superior to those of non-military counterparts. Compensation could be closer to as non-military makes far more than we do.
It was a good opportunity to travel and make connections but it also breaks your soul. While the Army provides opportunities, the leadership and lack of enlisted to officer understanding makes it difficult to take advantage of said opportunities. Most newly enlisted aren’t pushed use their education benefits like TA or to develop themselves. NCOs are overloaded with so much work that they barely have time to properly take care of their soldiers. Medical professionals don’t even care most of the time about soldiers health. Most tend to slap ibuprofen on everything and say suck it up buttercup. Overall, it’s a mixture of good and bad experiences. Mostly bad, but the comradeship makes up for some of it.
I love the many benefits that the Army offers but it is not the place for anyone that has a family prior to entering. The demand can be tough for a family created after the fact and it's even worse on those established beforehand.
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