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Great benefits free education free healthcare flexible work hours and schedule time off flexibility free gym food on base local discounts at store free medicine best health care around
Room for growth and leadership
Yearly pay bonuses you have a wide range of job opportunities great resume builder they train you for jobs that can provide you high paying jobs on the outside full retirement benefits
some would say that the air force is a good job with great opportunity but I am here to tell you otherwise. I have been in the air force for 7 years and I have been raped twice while I've been in. when I had a metal break down no one would believe me and they didn't give me the proper care that I needed even though they tell you that they would. It has been a hard road for me and most of my supervisors are a toxic work environment. I have given them all I had, and they way they repay me is by throwing in the towel when things got rough and when I needed the most help.
The US Air Force (USAF) has provided my family and I with many different opportunities to advance in my career and provide a better wellbeing for my family. One of the best things about being apart of the USAF is the continuous relocation and opportunity to travel. The worst and hardest part about being in the USAF, is finding the proper balance between family and work. It is a continuous effort that is made to ensure that I am trying to do right by the USAF and my family.
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Joining the air force has been my biggest challenge, but has yielded the best rewards. It takes alot to go from managing in fast food to serving the people of the United States everyday, but it's a process I am proud to have undergone. The work isn't terrible, although the indoctrination is mentally challenging in ways you wouldn't quite expect. There is still much to learn and I am looking forward to every bit of it with the guidance of all my teachings so far.
You learn a lot of skills that are transitional to the civilian world and they pay a certain amount for school.
I have had the opportunity to travel and meet new people. The benefits are outstanding. If I was able to change anything I would change the way promotions are decided.
The Air Force can have it's great moments, but it comes with a large amount of unnecessary additional work that ends up not benefiting anyone. The benefits are only good depending on where you are stationed and a lot of the time to have to fight just to take care of yourself. No one helps you usually.
Love working for the Air Force best gig I could have gotten. the job is demanding, but it really feels like it has a purpose. the best part is the pay, I get paid so much its amazing.
I love the experience I gained and opportunities for leadership growth. I initially joined with not much direction in my life and the Air Force provided a foundation to build upon.
US Air Force, sure there are things I would change if I could go back in time, but overall I don't for one second regret my decision to join the US Air Force. There are so many benefits and opportunities. There are always improvements to be made though. On that note, all I'll say, is quality of life.
I was in the Air Force for 12 years. Within those 12 years I was able to receive leadership training, multiple job opportunities, tuition assistance, VA home loan, traveled to 20 + countries and more. I am the person I am today because of the opportunities the Air Force gave me.
Wonder full workplace with many career choices, Challenging and rewarding in every aspect of this field with a lot of room for growth and advancement.
My experience overall has been good. With everything always evolving that gives the opportunity to have changes constantly, which will help with growth.
It was a very great experience. The benefits are worthwhile. It is a great way to gain real world experience. Paid leave and great benefits. I would say though, that you must research jobs and do not just go for anything. The way the recruiters explain the jobs are vastly different from the actual duties performed. If you like your country and enjoy being a part of something bigger than yourself than the Air Force is the right direction for you. The benefits for veterans post-service are incredible as well, paid tuition and home buying benefits. The Air Force is great for people who can work hard.
Best decision I've made was to enlist in the AF. The service gave me a marketable trade, awesome benefits, and trained me to be a well-rounded leader, manager, and mentor.
I love the Air Force because they support family, they allow military members to get college education, and it is sometimes a family away from family.
Best decision ever. Great benefits, on the job training and opportunities to travel. Encourage everybody to join and enjoy all this benefits feeling proud serving the country.
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A completely worthwhile decision in my life. Wouldn't know where I would be if I hadn't joined. It is often challenging, but sometimes rewarding.
Being in the US Air force has given me to explore the world, experience new cultures, and overall, grow as a person. It has has been a life changing experience for the better, one that has given me better structure and a clearer path in life.
21 years! Best decision ever. Discipline and career path to set me up for the future. I had great mentors and leadership. I hope that I have made an impact on the troops I served over the years.
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