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It's a really fun work environment where all employees care about one another and so do the managers.
In my position with Urban Outfitters I am offered great pay, great work/life balance, great benefits. There are lots of opportunities for growth within the company. I have been there for several years now.
Working at Urban Outfitters is a super amazing experience. Its lot's of fun, you meet a lot of cool people, and an added bonus is the discount you get. Working at Urban you are also introduced to a lot of new fashion and trends in different parts of the country.
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Absolutely loved working here. I never had problems with my bosses and I learned good customer service.
Overall, the experience was enjoyable. I was able to accelerate my leadership skills and form lasting bonds with my coworkers.
Urban Outfitters has been a great Corporation to work for. The have a wonderful outline of each job description and company policies. Growth is available for all employees looking to advance with this company.
Urban Outfitters is a great way to open up your social skills. You'll meet many interesting people and get to learn a lot from them. I used to be shy and skeptical about what I'd say or how I style my outfit, but since I started working here, I feel like I can just do whatever I want. I become much more socialize and make so many friends. Good place to start at, It's up to you decided to stay or fly away :)
They should pay a live able wage to management especially in New York . 18.75 plus the amount if travel doesn’t equal the responsibility. The clothes are expensive, it’s hard to pay normal bills and not struggle working here . Make 3k a month and pay over that in bills.
Decent benefits but depending on your store, there can be favoritism and the atmosphere can quickly become catty.
It gave me money. It wasn't bad, but it wasn't stellar either. It just happened to be a stepping stone in my career, which I'm grateful for anyway.
very authentic to the brand and persona the store gives off. the customer base is great and i met a lot of great people working there
I loved working for Urban. I will say they have cut and cut and combined so many positions (I understand retail is changing) but you have to wear so many hats it’s hard to finish anything 100%. It makes it difficult to take pride in your work when you are not given the opportunity to complete a task.
The management was not the best and the pay for the amount of work you do is not equal. I do like the environment of the store and no one really takes their job too seriously.
While working at Urban Outfitters they allow you to express yourself through your own style of dress and personality 100 percent of the time.
As an UO employee for four years, I could say that I learned so much regarding customer assistance, trends, and my strongest retail abilities. Urban Outfitters was my first job and worked as a sales associate and beauty/vinyl specialist. There was always something to do, whether helping customers find outfits (which was my favorite) taking action and filling shipment, or building connections with your employees. Employees came and went at Urban, most whom I made great friendships with. When starting the day, we were pretty much all in it together. I learned to try my best to understand customers, both lovely and difficult. I even felt like I created miniature bonds with them too over clothing and/or music. The holidays of course, were hectic. But you can pretty much expect that at ANY retail store during the holidays. Lastly, the managerial team I got to work with were spectacular. I don't think I'll ever meet such kind and caring people anywhere else.
It is a great part-time job for school. The managers are very flexible with scheduling and care about their employees. It is always laid back and never a stressful job. They are flexible with making a schedule and you can have as many hours as you want. The customers are fairly nice as well and my coworkers have become my best friends, as well as my managers. One manager would always bring her dog to work which was always a bonus. The pay is not very great though and only minimum wage. But the discount is 40% or 60% with make up brands available online.
I have worked for one of the Urban Brand stores for about a year and a half. This is a second job for me, I work full-time at a non-profit institution during the week. I like working in the fast-paced city-center location of the store and I feel supported my my managers and coworkers. The company uses a randomized schedule generator, so I cannot predict my hours each week, which isn't ideal. However, as long as you are upfront about your scheduling needs, the managers are pretty understanding. I like the brands we carry and the employee discount is generous!
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I love working for Urban Outfitters because, It is a great environment with people who aren't only hard workers but, they actually care about you. Pursuing your goals outside of the workplace is also encouraged. Just because you work there doesn't mean managers will treat you like just an employee. So whatever passion you may have would be wholeheartedly supported by the managers and your team. urban Outfitters is a great place to work; not only if you like clothing but, if you like coming into a work place with a free environment and with the best of people and the best of customers..
I love the atmosphere and my coworkers! Work is always fun and I love the unique individuals that walk through the door.
I enjoy working for this company, I have been with URBN for almost a year now. I would like to see improvements just with flexibility, when it comes to time off and unforeseen occurrences there is not much "wiggle room", and typically no excuse is good enough, regardless of the situation. However overall, the compensation and location makes up for any other downfalls. I also enjoy my work environment, it is peaceful, upbeat and secure.
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