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overall I can not really complain about UPMC - I have worked for them for 12+ years and they have been for the most part good to me! I would change the fact that we have to pay for our insurance! Its UPMC!!! I would also change the fact that we as employees can only go to a UPMC hospital - I do not live close to a UPMC hospital and that makes it very difficult for m
Management often is not happy to see you succeed. As a college student often expected to put work over schooling. The coworkers and customers are very reliable. There are employee appreciation days and it is a enjoyable company to work for.
I have great benefits in an entry level position, lots of PTO and good health care within UPMC. UPMC appreciates their employees and makes sure everyone knows how important they are in helping patients and their families, even if they are not directly involved.
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UPMC provides stellar care to patients, clients, and families. As with every employer, there are good and bad things about this company. The care given to employees leaves something to be desired. Health plans are less than ideal for a company that also owns its own healthcare network; there is no avenue for managerial review from staff; promotion is difficult in many departments; and wages are less than regional competitors (though there are few left). Being part of the UPMC name is a good career builder overall and there are countless different fields that are represented and working on top-quality health care care and research. UPMC provides a platform for employees to be part of a part of a bigger picture.
I have loved my coworkers, patient experiences, and work environment at UPMC for the past 4 years. I am happy with my boss and the way he manages the department. When emergencies or illnesses arise amongst myself and coworkers, their is flexibility and a want to help each other work things out. I feel that my work is appreciated and enjoy my days spent at work.
It is a great experience to work with may different people of diverse backgrounds. There are many different departments to coordinate business with, and many different data and analysis systems to learn. There is always opportunity to grow.
There are so many opportunities and avenues to work for this company. They offer a wide range of benefits and free services for employees.
The company is a regional industry leader. With many divisions come much devolution of power. The company as a whole compensates base salary for most workers at the lower end of regional averages. The benefits are good. Workers are encouraged to do the right thing in all circumstances.
I just got out of high school and applied for this job a UPMC. I had 0 experience in the field of medicine but It was a heck of a lot better than my other options. When i got hired i was paid higher than I initially believed and i enjoy my job somewhat. Its tiring and people are mean but Its still a very good starting place for me.
UPMC is an ever evolving company that is continuing to bring out the best in their ever growing workplace. The dedication of its workers radiate throughout the halls at whichever UPMC that you go to. Though the administration is never to be found rarely roaming the halls, the attitudes of the nurses, aids, doctors and even volunteers particular attention to details such as care down to their ability to connect on a humane level make up for the lack of seeing the heads of the company. Not only is the company life changing medicine but it is life changing in just the people who enter those building every single day.
I like that they are leaders in healthcare in Pennsylvania. They offer great benefits for employees too.
Upmc cares and does what it takes to help a patient in whatever situation! No matter what department
I currently work for UPMC but at their Ears,Nose, and Throat office located in Bloomsburg, PA. The staff is wonderful and is treated well by upper management. I am pleased to be working for this office.
This is my favorite position I've held in my life. UPMC welcomed me as a service member of the military. At first I was skeptical a company would be so understanding of my military obligations. For this position my coworkers were very helpful in helping me get acquainted to this different change of environments for me. Working with babies is my passion. I am able to have full control of my scheduled hours while going to nursing school full time. This is an unforgettable experience.
I like the benefits. I am a nurse and often given secretarial tasks to complete. In general, staff are not “grown” by their leaders. They are made to feel like they should just sit there, complete the tasks handed to them, and not speak up about it.
I absolutely love working for UPMC! the job is great and the health insurance is amazing! Cant complain
A rapidly growing corporation, has good values but sometimes has trouble keeping them. Management and human resources does a good job figuring out how to match applicants/ job offer candidates to something they're interested in but then trapping them in one role.
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I like the innovation that UPMC has, UPMC is turning into a global necessity for the world and it is awesome to be a part of the change. I would like to see in the upcoming years UPMC provide the proper pay for its employees, UPMC has amazing resources and services and it is ran by its employees, a happy employee makes a happy workplace
I'm very proud to work for this organization. I work hard and am given many opportunities to advance my skills. I see the difference we make in lives on a daily basis. It is very rewarding.
The doctors and clinicians generally really care about their patients. However, the company as a whole has little care about providing high standards of care and creating a comfortable work environment. Some of the equipment is drastically outdates and the company will sacrifice sanitation quality in an effort to save money. They are monopolizing western PA and making it incredible difficult for people with a variety of insurances to receive medical care.
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