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Uno Pizzeria and Grill Reviews

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The management is really racial. They make sexual comments about women, and they play favorites. Feel very unsafe as a woman working here
This company is pretty great! Owner is super nice and friendly plus staff is supportive and helpful.
I work at Unos Chicago Grille as a waitress and I absolutely love it! I started this job over the summer when I was in credit card debt and made it out successfully! I love the way it is run and I love how I get my schedule online. The food is great, reasonably priced and it is a very clean environment.
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Management is terrible or non existent and constantly changing which isn’t much better when your job is always to train new managers on how your location works. Better hope you get along with fellow servers and staff as they will determine your experience and how you get to manage your workload. When I was there the other staff were great and the only reason I stayed so long. If you can find your “work family” the workplace is fine.
Great company to work at as a server or bartender, benefits are better than I have ever seen for those positions
Please note that my experience at this company is strictly a review of my franchise's location. A different server at a separate location, may have a completely different experience within the company. Management at my location has got to be this franchise's biggest downfall. There are five managers and only two seem to execute the responsibilities of their job well. The others either lack respect for their employees, fail to provide direction, and/or do not work well under stress. The company as a whole, has excellent food and a clear direction of objectives and goals. They seem to value their employees enough to provide paid vacation opportunities, and offer compensation rewards for long-time employees. The company seems to take pride in the culture from which it originated from, Chicago, and looks to incorporate a Chicago influence within all of its locations.
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