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600 Highland Avenue
Madison, WI 53792
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I have been an inpatient RN at UW in the Cardiac ICU for over two and a half years now. My time here has been full of self and professional development. The amount of knowledge I have gained is immeasurable. The patient population is tough, but rewarding and being able to take care of some of the sickest patients in the state of Wisconsin and northern Illinois is so rewarding. Current projects in the hospital include helping the nurses have larger voices in the scheme of policy and company changes. We are seeing small improvements each day and I am excited to see where these changes will take the future of UW Hospital and Clinics.
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When I first started at UW I loved it! As a nursing assistant I had the perfect amount of autonomy on night shift. After three years at UW, they started mandatory "flexing down" which meant being sent home without pay. I was told by the Nursing Director that I "was lucky to have a job" and "that even she had to sacrifice part of her bonus" (meanwhile we didn't get bonuses...). Definitely makes you feel like you are a small bean at a large company.
I was hired here to be a Master's Swim Coach because of the major I graduated with. In general, I've had some past experience, but I was helped at the beginning to allow me to plan sufficient classes. I also am a lifeguard, where I work with the patrons. A great majority of them are present because they are rehabbing after an injury. Over 2 years later and I am very happy at this job!