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I would give this place a 3.5. Starting out here was definitely rough, they hire because the turnover rate is pretty high in my opinion and they are always understaffed. They make it seem like this amazing company when they interview you but once you get hired and put into orientation, they just kind of throw you in there and expect you to figure things out on your own. This definitely taught me a lot, however, was extremely discouraging.
The people I work with is the main reason why I have chosen to stay & return for so many years. The lack of communication between the various units and staff is one of my annoyances.
It hard to get promoted working for UW. I wished the minority’s working can get more help with development and career advancement.
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My job as a charge RN is both challenging and rewarding. I have had the opportunity to explore my career in different ways. Whether it is teaching my peers nursing specific skills or responding to code blues, physically saving a patient's life.
The management in pharmacy is terrible and unable to retain its employees. the management does not care about you and will lie to you. the mission of the hospital is why most people work there. we love to take are of our patients. we care about our patients - they are just like us- diverse- rich and poor. the reason that I said that taking this job was a good decision was because the place I came from was much, much worse. I do not want to see this place become like that place!
This is a pretty nice place to work. I spent the last several years in retail so the stability in hours and consistency in pay were huge selling points. The benefits are also awesome when you factor in all the discounts you qualify for. They also promote a healthy work environment which is a nice little bonus.
The University of Washington Medical Center is a fast-pace, but educational experience. You work with people who are not only work driven, but passionate about what they do.
Not having my position as a Central Sterile Processing Tech just confirms how little respect is shown towards this department. That is why I had to pick Surgical Tech. I can't speak for the whole hospital itself however this dept is very ignored and poorly run. Processes to clean and sterilize instruments are very questionable. I don't know about medical insurance but dental is poor.
My experience at the University of Washington Medical Center is good, they are an amazing company to work for and they love to help you accomplish your career goals. For an example, I am a Pre-nursing student and when I let my employer know this, the manager let me shadow the physicians at the clinic. It was an amazing experience that I will never forget. Also, I got an amazing opportunity to work with the University of Washington at there Science Center Fair, to be able to be involved with the background of the medical field it was mind-blowing.
Working for UW has been a learning experience. It has taught me the fundamentals of our community, diversity at its finest. UW shows compassion for their patients. The knowledge gained at UW is forever changing, challenging and adjusted to meet the patient needs. There are numerous resources available to assist patient to improve their situation/circumstances. I enjoy coming to work and I leave feeling blessed and honored to work for a facility that strives to stay true to their mission statement.
I have worked here for over 10 years. I have used them as a patient as well as my family members. We are a teaching hospital , state job, good benefits, and job stability.
As a patient, I didnt like having so many different doctors every time I came. I would prefer to find one doctor and establish a relationship.
The people and events around the office are fantastic. The benefits are also excellent (medical, vacation, and sick leave). The only problem is that wages aren't particularly competitive for the Seattle area and you will likely have a long commute. Your experience with management and growth will depend on department as each are usually less than 10 people reporting to one PI.
Amazing cardiac department with wonderful staff and physicians. I would not go anywhere else or send my family anywhere else.
I've been with UW Medicine for just over two years. Out of the organizations I've worked for, I can say that they are definitely my favorite. The things that stand out most to me are the organizational culture and the leadership team I work for.

Some additional perks are state benefits, competitive pay, and exponential growth opportunities.

Overall, I'd rate UW Medicine vey high and would recommend anyone looking for a career in healthcare to look into them.
My workplace is a great place to start my career. As an educational institution, UWMC provides me opportunities to learn and grow as a nurse. The unit I work on is challenging and provides me with various resources needed for my success.
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