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Jefferson Park Ave
Charlottesville, VA 22908
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I love it here! I’m in a waged position so a lot of my answers reflect that position but paid positions get health care benefits and nigh shift even gets to park in the garage during work. I enjoy the floor I’m on and though at times we are short we’ve grown to have a great dynamic. I enjoy the patient population as well and have learned so much! If I ever have a problem we have meeting monthly to voice our opinions and I’ve always felt comfortable talking about anything. We get a say in our schedule and our scheduling manager really considers us. The pay is pretty good, but we do get two yearly raises, they aren’t usually more than some change but every little bit counts. The floor I work on had become my family
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I have worked at UVA Health System for almost 18 years and will continue to do so! It is an institution dedicated to patient safety and providing evidence based care. The system participates in and conducts research studies.
Great place to work. Fair compensation. Great growth opportunities. I started as a nurse 10 years ago and have had ample opportunities to increase my education and compensation. Although many hospitals in the area may pay a little better, this organization has many benefits that are not matched by smaller facilities.