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Wonderful Coworkers and a vast amount for career growth. Great support system. Great benefits and retirement funds. Union based. Implements evidence based practices into clinic.
Management is awful. I imagine there are some units where this isn't an issue, but upper management is aware that middle management is awful and upper management does not do anything to remedy this. Lots of micromanagement and dysfunction
My experience working for the University of Michigan/Mary A. Rackham Institute Center for Child and Family has been the best I’ve had, the culture, the environment, the people and management have been awesome. I would not change anything
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While each division works separately you really feel like you are apart of something bigger then yourself and its that sense of community that makes it special.
Overall, working within this healthcare system has been an immensely positive experience. I have seen friendship, loyalty, teamwork, and supportiveness since beginning my career at the University of Michigan. Positive aspects include great wages, a positive, uplifting work environment, and plenty of work opportunities. I would like to see changes in administration that show more care and concern for staff of all types. I would like to see more employee-employer interaction that shows we are being heard and our desires and opinions are taken seriously. Other than that, i am very happy here.
It 's a fantastic health system with some of the best health professionals in the field. The only reason I rate it 4 stars out of 5, is because the university can always improve as a system to ensure the best patient care.
This employeer. They offer great benefits! They offer tuition assistance and encourage their staff to be better by advancing their education.
I work at the Health System Children's center. The philosophy we follow is great. We are play based. I am a temporary employee so I do not get benefits, but the benefits for full time permanent staff are unparalleled (I have heard).
Working at the hospital isn’t easy and the amount of support out there can really help you succeed. I wish the conpany groomed and train the employees longer. The dynamics of the unit and the many strong personalities I would’ve benefit to more knowledge of the unit and work space in the beginning. Every position helps everyone’s work space and with more knowledge of positions and job duties and expection we could run much smoothers in helping patient care and needs.
This is an easy and adaptable work environment with flexible hours and caring managers. Everyone wants you to do your best work, and will help you achieve that along the way.
growth opportunities are far and few. Not many minorities in manangement positions as well. Employees are generally happy although. Takes a long time to get things done or changed due to size
The only things that I have found to be unfavorable about working at this hospital are if you are a part of the union as an aide you aren't allowed to be scheduled for 12 hours , your allowed to work 12 if you pick it up but not be scheduled normally for it. Also the parking, its so expensive.
Amazing benefits. Top notch healthcare, dental and vision options, 2 to 1 contribution with 401B retirement plan and many other fantastic benefits you will be hard pressed to find with any company.
No matter what area of the University you work in you will find that the, "Do not speak about politics at work rule," does not apply. It is a very liberal environment and you will find the top administrators send out emails and make comments that infer those believes which is completely inappropriate and unprofessional.
It is a fast paced and demanding environment no matter which area of the University you work and you will find employees all state the same description of working for the University. Great benefits but ok environment.
I love people! I love working with children that need me. It’s so rewarding to be bedside when they have nobody with them and they can confide in me.
If I had the ability to change something it Wayne the Parking around the hospital. It I s tasking not only for patients but employees too.
The orientation is excellent for the job, but I think maybe it depends on the floor you're assigned to, but the floor I was assigned to had the most useless PCT's I'd ever met. You are essentially on your own and the second day of my training the girl who was supposed to be training me disappeared. Other's wont help you so good luck.
I love working in my area I feel important because I am there to assist in the caring of patients. I am glad I have the opportunity to work with such amazing people and to care for people whom really needs it.
I think the idea behind the clinic is good, but processes could improve. Sometimes it feels like the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. There is no training program for onboarding employees though originally they try to make it seem like there is one. Things are often missed in training and people do things incorrectly because of this.
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The benefits, health, dental, life insurance, retirement are pretty close to impeccable. Campus culture is improving, although I wish more was done to be inclusive of people of various backgrounds. For my non-medical position, I think the compensation is far, compared with other hospitals, but nothing special.
Very good place, I find everyone is willing to help out and are very supportive. My manger works around my school schedule and helps me create a work/ life balance.
The job is okay but not what you expect of employment. The old director for patient transport the guy left and since the new director is there the management and head manager are jerks
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