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1500 E Medical Center Drive, Spc 5474
Ann Arbor, MI 48109
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Overall, working within this healthcare system has been an immensely positive experience. I have seen friendship, loyalty, teamwork, and supportiveness since beginning my career at the University of Michigan. Positive aspects include great wages, a positive, uplifting work environment, and plenty of work opportunities. I would like to see changes in administration that show more care and concern for staff of all types. I would like to see more employee-employer interaction that shows we are being heard and our desires and opinions are taken seriously. Other than that, i am very happy here.
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Fantastic environment and I always have a great and educational day! I work in the Adult Emergency Unit and every day is different for me. We believe in making a difference in everyone’s lives which is what makes my job so much fun. We have four different units that we work in and occasionally we work in the pediatrics unit. I am a unit clerk here and my roles can change based on the day. I do outside record uploads, escorting visitors, take transfer calls, and sometimes we order meal trays. I love my work environment because its high paced and different everyday!
Amazing benefits. Top notch healthcare, dental and vision options, 2 to 1 contribution with 401B retirement plan and many other fantastic benefits you will be hard pressed to find with any company.
No matter what area of the University you work in you will find that the, "Do not speak about politics at work rule," does not apply. It is a very liberal environment and you will find the top administrators send out emails and make comments that infer those believes which is completely inappropriate and unprofessional.
It is a fast paced and demanding environment no matter which area of the University you work and you will find employees all state the same description of working for the University. Great benefits but ok environment.