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University of Maryland Medical Center Reviews

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Working at University of Maryland Medical Center has been wonderful. The institution is filled with experts in their respective fields who are passionate about helping and teaching others.
I would like to see more scholarship opportunities throughout the year. Next, I would like to see part time employees receive more money for tuition reimbursement.
The employees were very nice, very intelligent and friendly. They are always willing to help. Thy provide so many great opportunities for people looking to fulfill a career in the medical field.
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This is good company to work for. I would recommend it to others. They have good benefits, flexible hours, and has the ability to grow within the company.
I love my coworkers and management is very approachable. The unit scheduler we have in the ED is not the greatest at her job but hopefully overtime she will adapt or management will realize this issue. The population is hard to deal with most days but coworkers are helpful in bad situations.
Great pay as well as great academic environment. Only con is that tuition reimbursement does not apply to supplemental positions, even if you work the same hours as part-time.
My experience with the institution has been very rewarding, I enjoy my job.

What I would like to see improved, would be better and more obtainable opportunities to further education for staff seeking to do so.
This company provides multiple advancements opportunities, excellent benefits, tuition reimbursement, and pays very well
I like the care that they give to patients and making them a number one priority but I would also consider the cleanliness and timeliness of the staff because certain times, there are crucial materials needed to have a clean OR and when a vital cleaning agent is missing, it throws off the turnover time and pushes most of the cases back. Also, management of some units tend to be rude and one sides so if anything goes wrong, expect to be on the wrong side of things. Overall, this hospital does give the best patient outcome in my opinion. The surgeons at the this hospital are very knowledgeable and they are even eager to teach those that are not even medical students yet.
Great hospital for you and your love ones in a time of need. I would recommend them to anyone who is looking for a new physician or specialty.
The people are so helpful and caring towards others. The learning experience will help me prepare for my upcoming clinical for my classes in nursing school. The hospital itself is very modern and I feel like we are up to date with everything in terms of technology and supplied.
I like the people that work at UMSOD. They have a very nice and kind staff. The changes that i would like to see is the school of dentistry support more of the staff that would like to go back to school. Or having a better tuition assistance program.
I have been quite happy working at University of Maryland Medical Center. The management has been transparent about any and all changes on both a large scale and small scale level as well as why some things will stay the same. I have felt totally supported in my return for further education and in any endeavor I've wished to pursue in relation to my work. My co-workers have also supported my return to school and we encourage each other to take our vacations to keep from burning out.
Great Location with great people all around. This is one of the best medical centers/hospitals I have had the pleasure in working for!
This is a wonderful teaching organization with many opportunities to learn and grow! One area of improvement I would like to see is a change in culture, especially with practice changes that are based on evidenced-based research.
Its the absolutely best place to work,great atmosphere,everyone is nice and they have great benefits for retirement
This job is great with excellent benefits. I love working with my co worker. We have great team work and I have been here for 5 years.
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The hourly pay at this location is competitive, but the call pay of $2 across the board does not compare to local hospitals let alone the other hospitals in the network. This hospital holds its employees to a high standard, and provides excellent medical care.
Very intelligent doctors and nurses. President and the upper chain of command are very interpersonal.
Coworkers are great. Everyone works as a team no matter what. Needs better compensation and nurses don't get adequate lunch breaks. Due to the stressful nature of the job, there is a high turnover rate of employee. Overall you see a lot and the community among peers is great.
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