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I liked being able to help patients. I did not like the management and felt unappreciated. There was really no room for growth or raises. I have a degree but I was unable to use it to get a higher paying job. I was stuck in an entry level job the whole time I was there.
Benefits are good and staff is nice. Commute and parking are terrible and there is minimal effort to reward faithful employees or fill positions for employees who got burnt out and left, so the teams are often short-staffed and burning out.
I would like are mother/ baby unit to be renovated and for the unit to get more rooms. More employees hired and receive more raises.
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Overall the work life at UK Chandler is okay. Management is the main problem. They don't pay attention on whats going on in their department and they don't sympathize with their employees during life hardships. Vacation is a rare enjoyment and Our manager would rather throw us under the bus than stand behind us and fight for us. Pay and benefits are good.
I like working here because the people are very kind to each other and the patients are very understanding, and I love caring for those who are sick. Things I would change are making PRN day shifts more available and making sure patients are attended to in a timely manner.
I love the people that I work with. All of our techs, nurses, and OR staff work well together and very efficiently! It's very fast paced because of being a Level 1 trauma hospital but you learn so much and get to see a lot. Scheduling and work hours are great and they work well with students. There are plenty of educational opportunities as well as shifts to pick up for extra hours. I really enjoy my job here.
I have worked for UK for 1 year and 6 months. It took me 5 years to finally get an interview within this hospital and than do multiple interviews and become an employee. I became a tech on the neuroscience floor and learned a lot working side by side with nurses and assisting them with multiple tasks. I than applied for a clinical position as a medical assistant in a plastic surgery clinic and was hired on and currently working there. Being a medical assistant in this clinic I have also learned a lot and have been able to be more hands on with reconstructive side and cosmetic side.
Wonderful opportunity to get hands on experience in the medical field. I am a pre med student and was given a great opportunity to work in the operating rooms hand in hand with the attendings. It is a fantastic teaching hospital with many opportunities to learn on the job. My manager was very supportive and encouraging in my pursuit in medical school. I also attended the the university so being able to work where I went to school was a great opportunity. I learned so much in th field and will take what I learned and be able to use those skills in medical school. The university of Kentucky chandler hospital is a great teaching hospital with fantastic physicians who are passionate about teaching the students what they need to know to not only be a great doctor but to do it with confidence.
I have been working at this facility for 15 years and I love it. It's a great place to work, an awesome , friendly facility. Management is great, always willing to work with their employees and what they have going on outside of work,, such as family, continuing education. My co workers are also awesome. We mange to work together well, we have great team work!
While all hospitals have their downfalls, I am so happy to say that it is very rare to see the University of Kentucky Hospital fall short on anything. I work on the Neuroscience unit and with every patient, I feel the doctors, nurses, and technicians have done an amazing job. We are able to get the patient home as soon as the next day after BRAIN surgery! I will always have a smile on my face when I get to say I have the pleasure of working at one of the best hospitals in the world, one people travel miles and miles to come receive the best care!
Working at UK Healthcare has been life changing. The hospital environment helped my realize what I wanted to do with my life (nursing). The hospital AND university helped me realize my full potential. I never dreamed I would be attending an university, and be so ambitious in my work and school journey. Because of UK, I'm excited about the future and know that I can accomplish whatever I put my mind to.
It's a great place to learn and grow. People are friendly and helpful. They take pride in providing good care for their patients. Managers genuinely care about what goes on in both your personal and professional life.
Univerity of Kentucky Hospital has by far been the best healthcare experience I have had in my career. Everything is pushing forward to create a better experience for the patient and creating a healthy atmosphere for its employees.
You get the chance to make a major impact on one of the most impoverished communities in the United States that are found in Eastern Kentucky. They do provide a great opportunity for learning. The negatives are terrible pay, no upward mobility, and old programs and technology. They are working on all of these issues but like any bureaucracy it takes time.
The hospital is often short staffed, and is a pretty unorganized workplace. A very hard place to feel job satisfaction.
Excellent place to work with great benefits! The only downfall is the recent tuition wavier program being taken away- but, that isn't UK's fault.
The benefits are very good. 2-1 ratio on the 403b retirement plan. Insurance is super cheap and better than what we pay for it. I would like to see some changes in management.
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my experience at the university of Kentucky Hospital has been a wonderful experience. I work flex schedule and am able to work remotely from home 100% of the time. I love my job!
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