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Benefits are amazing. I like that you have a lot of food options as well as coffee shops. The only thing that could be better is the parking.
I have been with the University of Kansas Hospital for almost five years now. I love the diversity that I see each and everyday when I come to work. I love being apart of the excellent patient care that takes place here.
Management is not good at training or retaining employees. There is some opportunity to get a promotion within the department if you meet and exceed the department expectations. The work is very demanding. They expect you do meet productivity standards as well as high quality without much training or follow-up unless it is a yearly review. Lastly, the pay is very good. Although, it is not merit or performance-based, which makes some employees less included to go out of their way to be helpful to coworkers.
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Though there isn't much opportunity to be seen and advance, and, like most jobs today, the turnover is quite high, the wages you earn and the benefits are more than compensatory.
It's also an amazing location--in the heart of Kansas City--and it's within walking distance of many local businesses.
The company does not believe in taking care of non-clinical employees. Continue to use outdated technology that fails to keep up with current workload.
Great team players, wonderful atmosphere, innovative ideas, genuine, efficient, knowledgeable, creative, genuine and effective
I have worked for the hospital for 4.5 years and in this time I have cross trained to 4 different departments. All of my coworkers are very nice and caring. This is a great hospital and an even greater place to work!!!
I enjoy working at one of the top hospitals in the country. The staff is top notch and you would not want to go to any other hospital in the city if you have serious illnesses. At times the environment can be very high stress because we deal with such difficult cases and there are so many people coming to our hospital from all over the country.
My personal overall experience has been poor. As I first started it was a wonderful experience then I realized it isn't as beautiful on the inside as it looks from the outside. There are many issues for me. HR isn't helpful with coworker incidences. Communication is horrid. The hierarchy is mishandled... and more.
I have worked in the Emergency room for about a year now after working at another hospital for the previous two years. And, I can definitely say the grass is greener on this side of the fence. It is really easy to get a long with my coworkers because we build a strong sense of team work especially when the work gets stressful and a lot of quick decisions need to be made at once.
This is a great place to work. Every staff members shares the goal of providing exemplary care to patients. The University of Kansas Hospital truly has a team environment that sparks collaboration to develop the patients plan of care.
Staffs and advocate and helpful. It would be more for increase salary and bettering retirement plans.
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