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12605 East 16th Avenue
Aurora, CO 80045
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Great place to work! They provide great opportunities for students that are just starting their careers in healthcare.
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I have worked for the school of medicine for two years, and it is an inspiring place to come to work everyday. Since I have started, I have attended many meetings on improvements the school as a whole is trying to make, and I have seen many of these changes get implemented over the last two years. I also have seen great strides being taken towards making this campus a well-known campus for quality research. There is always room for growth on this campus and employees are valued. Although the pay is lower than it would be for a private company, the benefits make up for this.
What I liked about this company and primarily my manager and supervisors are that they were very sympathetic and understanding when I started having health issues. They worked with me and my schedule changes. One thing I would change is the hiring process. Apparently the supervisors don't get to make the final decision, the hiring manager does, someone who's never had contact with you in the interview process.