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I love the location, it’s very accessible. Working third shift is very quiet, and nothing crazy really happens. I feel comfortable in my work environment
I appreciate managements willingness to help advance my career and mentoring me along the way. Anytime I have an idea they will take the time to hear what I have to say, and will give me their feedback.
I love my work. They have great benefits and lots of discounts. They have tuition reimbursement. My manager is fair and listens to me. I have a small child at home and they are willing to work with about needing time off to care for her. I just got an awesome pay raise. They pay based on years of experience and not just someone fresh out of school.
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I like the fast paced movement working in a level 1 trauma center. I also like a lot of my fellow employees that I work with. However, I believe that I am expected to do more work than we are compensated for. In the department that I work in it can be stressful at times and everyone in the hospital expects us to know and be able to fix everything which is certainly not the case. We get multiple calls a day about things that do not pertain to us. The call volume on average is also very high. So whenever we are short staffed we are still expected to deal with the call volume and that is when it becomes even more stressful.
My unit is amazing, we are a family and work together for the same common goal. I rarely have a rough day and always know who in the hospital to contact for help or questions. Our nurse to patient ratio is safe almost all the time. I would not leave if I did not have the long term goal to become a family nurse practitioner.
University of Cincinnati Medical Center has been a very good organization to work for thus far. Within the Greater Cincinnati Region there are a few larger hospital groups; I have worked for three of them and UC Health feels like home to me. The staff are friendly and truly care about providing the best care possible for our patients. As far as benefits and compensation go, UC Health does have a ways to go to be competitive with other systems in the region. It is also unfortunate that UC Health cut all ties with the University of Cincinnati and no longer provides substantial class benefits to the employees.
I liked working here because of the tuition assistance program also the hospital is critical to research and learning.
Working at UCMC has been a roller coaster for me. Everyone is great! They have really good benefits one being tuition reimbursement but it's hard to work PT or FT and go to school. In my department in particular it's impossible because you want to further education but it's hard to get managers on the same page to have someone cover your shift you still will get dinged. If you want to go to school and work here go to PRN and pick up minimum shifts during school and pick up more shifts during break. Also I have been stuck in the same department and see new people come and get to transfer and I have more experience and great work ethic.
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