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University of California San Diego Medical Center Reviews

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Excellent place to work. The benefits are far above the other hospitals in the region. Promotes diversity, personal growth, and family
Out of all the healthcare organizations that I have worked for this was one of the best places that I have worked.
I work for UC San Diego Health as a researcher. We have a communicative community and everyone is pretty helpful and collaborative. However, there has been a lot of union issues, strikes, and negotiation regarding our pay and benefits. In over 1 year I did not receive a raise. I asked my supervisor for one and she agreed. Instead of HR letting me promote within, it took 2 months for them to post a new job, I had to apply for the new job, compete with other candidates, and be hired on new instead of simply being promoted due to the issues with the union. It was very inconvenient and time consuming.
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Working at UCSD Medical Center has provided me great healthcare experience in a teaching hospital. It is a very busy hospital with a wide range of capabilities.
A well-run, organised facility with many different projects to possibly get involved in. Though there was no compensation for my work, the experience provided and insight into the medical rules and code of conduct was well worth it.
An amazing campus, the facilities are top of the line - especially with the new buildings. Great opportunities for growth as well, but the benefits aren't the best as UC is trying to cut them.
My one on one with my patients - very personal and customized to the needs of the patients.
We work hard to keep up with the needs and nutritional benefits . Our kitchen works with local producers to give us the best fruits and veggies ..
Allowing too notch quality
Although healthcare is changing and therefore UC San Diego is becoming a "big business", I still feel proud of the work I do here every single day. It is a teaching hospital open to changing based on best practice from evidence and research.
I worked here for 8 years as an EMT in the emergency room. It is a really busy ER but is home to some of the best medical professionals I have ever worked with. With UCSD having such a large commitment toward the best specialist, it good in the fact that any possible specialist that you will need can be obtained through this hospital.
I really enjoy working here, I love the patients and staff, we really care about each other. The patients make this job so easy as we are all basically family. I really love to see the teamwork as well as extra efforts to ensure our patients feel cared for.
Great place to work, cafeteria hours are really limited. Hear the most complaints from staff and families regarding this. They really need to expand especially with surgeries occurring so late. Great teaching hospital and lots of interdisciplinary work.
Specific department lacks communication and transparency. A lot of office politics. Roles are very separated and there isn't a lot of effort going into cross training. There is a lot of turnover and poor training which leads to more turnover and frustration. There are awkward interpersonal relationships within management that complicates relationship of staff/management.
I enjoy working at UCSD. The patient and staff community is very diverse! They also take care of their staff, with reasonable pay and awesome benefits, such as UC Retirement Plan.
It a great place to learn and work. The retirement benefits are amazing. Really great facility. Can be stressful but the team environment and support help and make it a great place to be. UCSD is constantly trying new, innovative, and groundbreaking procedures to help all varieties of patients.
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