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101 City Drive South
Orange, CA 92868
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I have worked in an Administrative position at UC Irvine Medical Center for five and a half years. It pays higher than the normal hospital, with a very large portion coming Through my time, I have met a multitude of employees, patients, and visitors will different situations.

Over the years, the complaints have lessened in regards to nurse handling and overall safety. In order to better these aspects the hospital did multiple waves of letting people go, people that have been there an incredibly long time and hiring younger, less expensive management or promoting internally without filling the now missing lower position. This caused a lot of discomfort among staffers, but it seems to have ceased since they stopped the releases.

On a more positive note, they have stepped up immensely in ensuring the safety of both patients and workers by having more security personnel at the entrance of the hospital to make sure all visitors receive wrist bands and clearance.
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I have worked at UCI in the ED for 13 years. Over the past few years we have had a boom in patient numbers and acuity, without having an adequate increase in staffing levels. This has led to many seasoned RN's leaving UCI, and a fairly disgruntled workforce. Despite that, I still love where I work, I believe that this is because I have been fortunate enough to have been selected to head a program dealing with emergency mental health.
I have worked at UCI for 14 years and I am part of a healthcare delivery system that makes a positive difference in the lives of medically indigient people. Most of our patients come from underserved populations, uninsured, homeless, non-English speaking immigrant...we serve them all. Regardless of their walk of life, if they come to UCI, we will treat them with the best medical care for whatever their physical problem is. We also have an inpatient psychiatric facility to treat mentally ill youth and adults.