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University of California Davis Medical Center Reviews

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It's a wonderful place. Has a great standard of care. Great benefits. Growth opportunities are endless.
Davis is an excellent place to work. The research being conducted here is unparalleled. There is a lot of turnover, however, because many of the employees are students in transition for their education and career.
This is a teaching hospital. Things are constantly changing and there is no consistency through out the hospital. I would like to see more labor + management=Partnership values implemented.
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Great place to work! Very flexible, if you are current college student. They provide a lot of different opportunities and you get to learn a lot just by observing.
Mostly a good place to work. Pay is alright. Employees seem to be scared/intimidated by management. I've worked at other places with better employee/management relationships.
Wonderful staff, I thoroughly enjoyed interning here and appreciate all the kindness I was showered with.
Working here has made a significant positive change to my life. Prior to working here I was making a bit over minimum wage, working hard long hours. Now, I enjoy what I do, stress levels have reduced, & the pay is good. I have no complaints.
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