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I like the atmosphere of the hospital, everyone is nice and friendly. It is a professional environment and everyone carry themselves in a professional. The University of Alabama Hospital has excellent health benefits and it's a great place to work. My co - worker's are always there to give me a helping hand if I need it. I have worked at the University of Alabama Hospital for four years and I have no complaints.
I have worked here for almost 32 years. UAB Hospital has always stepped up to challenges, both financial and regulatory, so I have never been afraid of being "let go" due to external pressures. I am very loyal to UAB; the research here is cutting edge, the culture encourages growth, and employees are highly valued. I have moved from staff nurse to supervisor, manager and director during my time here. Market adjustments for salaries are done frequently to stay competitive.
UAB is a place were the patient is always put first. I love being a part of such a great team and growing as I go!
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I love my career as a surgical technologist at UAB. They encourage you to further your education. The downside is they will only pay for you to go to UAB. I don;t like big universities so I am having to pay for school without their help and am applying for alot of scholarships to become a registered nurse.
Great opportunity for those seeking a career in the medical field. They offer educational assistance after 6 months.
There is a bit of a lack of efficiency because the organization is so large. It would be helpful to streamline processes and bring some into the 21st century.
I currently work there and I like their is so many opportunities to move up. And it also helps that they want you to continue getting an education as well, paying for tuition does help out a lot.
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