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4815 Alameda Ave
El Paso, TX 79905
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University Medical Center of El Paso Reviews

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Beautiful and friendly environment to work in. Staffs are friendly. You get very good benefits and always happy to come to work. Everyone at work are positive.
UMC is very welcoming. I have colleagues from different cultures and practice different religions. Everyone is respectful.
I think they should employ a lot more younger adults other than that, everything's great!
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I enjoy working at the hospital. I have excellent management and they are very supportive. I work with great co-workers that are caring, helpful, and value my input. I work in a healthy work environment that is encouraging of my education and ideas for improvement. We work as a team to complete work tasks. We include others in decisions and everyone is on the same page when it comes to changes in our department. I believe this has been the best career move I have had in my 30 years in the medical field. I have been very lucky that my co-workers are helpful in my learning process of computer language.
I enjoyed the diversity. I appreciate the science and medical professional the hospital offers to the public.