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University Hospitals Case Medical Center Reviews

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Love this place to work! Very laid back and the staff and doctors are amazing. A lot of smiling faces. Especially in Rainbow Babies. Very focused on patient satisfaction and fairness to staff.
I've worked here for almost 4 years now and while the department I belong to can be full of unnecessary drama, when you walk through the hospital, it's always really nice to see how many smiling faces there are, always willing to help out one another - especially the patients. I wish pay were better, as many people in multiple positions say that Cleveland Clinic pays better, but I like the culture here better. It feels like a more closely knit, personal environment.
Great nursing culture here! While UH has the same problems any large hospital does (e.g., understaffing), it's a very good work environment for nurses overall!
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Job itself was good - management was not! There are many structural problems within UH that need fixing. However, this is very department dependent.
Working at University Hospital overall has been a wonderful experience! The hospital system is a large teaching hospital, The employees are more like family, so coming to work is more like going to my second home. The employees give the best of care to the patients ,while helping the patient to understand their illness, and how to survive with the illness. I've learned so much from the nurses and staff. The nurses on my unit is the best, the most encouraging and respectful ladies and gentleman i have ever worked with.
This is a large facility and a teaching hospital. I believe the mission of the organization is great, but healthcare is big business. I don’t think that some of the employee policies are family friendly and I think benefits are expensive. Overall this is an ok place to work.
I enjoy working at UH because I make my own schedule, the atmosphere is very laid back, my coworkers are team-players and always helpful, I have a good relationship with my manager, I am paid a good wage, I have opportunities to work over time, and employee benefits/incentives are very nice.
Overall being at University Hospital has been a great experience. Some things move slowly, but its a great environment to learn how to adapt and learn new things. The health benefits, paid time off, and tuition reimbursement are all excellent. They really encourage their employees to pursue more education and they do their part to help the employee achieve their degree.
Very patient center care provided to patients. This institution has the latest technology and being be able to provide the most innovative care.
I love the energy that employees and patients have when they walk into the hospital. When people are dealing with health issues, there is nothing better than having a friendly and accommodating staff to rely on.
University Hospital Case Medical Center is a great place to work! The benefits are great, the fellow employees are friendly, and the campus itself has a lot to offer.
A busy hospital, a good place to learn and grow in a career. High nurse-patient ratio, but help is available. Good company benefits.
The company has been going down hill since they tried to compete with the Cleveland Clinic. They are constantly being sued for mistakes that could have easily been prevented with better management and competent employees.
UH is great at creating a fun work environment. Everyone always gets along. I would highly recommend to anyone.
I like the environment, very friendly. Everyone helps out others in need. The pay was better here verses my mother home health aide jobs. Overall good experience.
When I first started I felt they could improve in their training area, now that I've learned the ropes I'm very satisfied in my position.
The people are very friendly. The doctors are nice and caring to their staff. The hospital offers tuition reimbursement and classes for those who want to further their careers.
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I love the experience of a large hospital campus and their offerings. I also love that you will learn many new talents and procedures that are not available at smaller hospitals.
It is a great place to work, very flexible, educated and friendly co-workers, and located at a decent location.
Over the past year management has done changes and it has not been for the better of the company and is actually making it somewhere un desirable to work
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