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About University Hospital ( Stony Brook )...
Health Sciences Center Suny
Stony Brook, NY 11794
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University Hospital ( Stony Brook ) Reviews

3 reviews
It's a fair hospital that serves mainly the low to middle class population on Long Island. Like many state institutions, there is red tape and bureaucracy everywhere. There is no transparency which makes it frustrating when trying to initiate change. Unions are strong, so good to know them and be active.
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I have been working at StonyBrook hospital for twenty two years now so I guess it must be good! It has wonderful health benefits and also retirement benefits as well.
I love working at this hospital. From my first moments at my interview to now, I have always felt a sense of openness and comfort. There is a big sense of support and fostering for education. I feel so happy to go to work every day and love what I do as a registered nurse.