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10 Universal City Plaza
Universal City, CA 90068
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Just to be clear, I work security at Universal Studios (Orlando). I have to admit working security isn’t as exciting as previously thought but it is interesting. At my location the higher ups work towards safety and making sure all employees are following procedures. No one is exempt from being checked in by security not even the CEO of the company. He makes sure he gets checked every time as well. I’m pretty sure he enjoys watching his company prosper in that aspect. For security we also make sure we ask as many questions as possible and don’t get complacent. This makes sure there are no costly mistakes. I find pushing this agenda useful. This allows enployees to want to ask questions rather than feel discouraged to. Universal even has an open door policy that allows any employee to contact any branch of management. No misdirection or waiting for an extensive period of time to get to them either. Universal is concerned about your concerns to say the least.
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I love working for Universal Studio resort because most of my coworkers are friendly yet at the same time extremely hard working individuals. Working for Universals has allowed me to grow as a person and an employee. The management staff is friendly and approachable. Universals studios offers many benefits for working for this company, some of them being that employees are given unlimited access to the all of the parks and the employees are allowed to bring any family or friends desired, free of charge.
Overall, enjoyable workplace. Currently work for their Rentals/Turnstile department, and was one of the chosen few to open up a new position for the department that assists with ticket issues. Many opportunities for promotion and a very friendly workplace. Also allow you to move to different departments within the parks.