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I love working at Universal! I think work days should be extended, otherwise a great place to work. The
I love working at Universal Orlando. Creating guest experiences as we do at work has such a positive impact on how I have learned to relate to people and take care of those I love. If I could change anything, I would ask for more representation during the training of scenarios with guests that we may come across.
It was a nice change of pace after leaving the Disney Parks to work in a Universal Hotel. I liked how close knit my department was and how friendly they all are to each other, I just think that things in Human Resources could run a lot smoother.
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It was very good because you get to venture three parks for free and give six to eight tickets a year if you work in CityWalk, if working in the hotel they give you about four tickets a year for family members and friends. The place I worked at is called Red Oven Bakery, although the pizza is very good. I wouldn't work here if you are not the "friendly" type. I'm an ok guy, not too talkative, I do like to interact, but not in the "friendly and talkative way, I recommend 2 years experience.
Universal Orlando Resort really is a place that offers something for everyone. They really encourage you to learn different areas of the business and offer a very diverse work environment.
This is the longest job I have ever had and it has been the most rewarding job I have had. I have made lifelong friendships and relationships to further me in life and my career.
I love working at Universal Orlando Resort. The benefits are good, the pay is better, and the management is the best.
The people are great but the pay is terrible. You are not compensated nearly enough for the amount of work you put in to the job. The other benefits are great, especially being able to go to the theme parks for free. Depending on your role, you also have a lot of flexibility.
I was very impressed with the treatment of employees at UO. There were a few resort-wide raises within the two year span I was employed here, and they paid a living wage for my work, which is not necessarily true for other theme parks in Orlando.
This is just an amazing company to work for. I wake up so happy to come to work every single day. There isn't a dull moment and the people I work with (both front line and management) are fantastic. The company even offers leadership classes for those looking to grow within the company and expand their horizons.
Great work place! I truly enjoyed the management and the dynamic of the workplace. The benefits are very competitive in comparison to other companies.
The whole team is wonderful to work with! Everyone is so welcoming and they all make sure you don’t get left out. They don’t just care about guest service but about how the employees can stay happy as well!
I worked in the Entertainment Department for the theme park and I had an amazing experience. Everyone is so great. My managers definitely prepared me for my jobs with the training exercises I received.
The company is great to work for and has wonderful perks. For the most part, they treat their employees well and do their best to make them feel valued, as well as facilitate movement throughout the company. The only thing I wish I could improve is the paycheck - I personally feel that I work a ridiculous amount of hours a week and still struggle to make ends meet.
Within my department, management is strategic, yet fair. There are many opportunities for learning and growth! Furthermore, I felt camaraderie and an openness to new ideas and different lines of thought. The culture is a warm one. Although the offices are cube style, not open, face-to-face interaction is still more than welcomed; and I appreciate that.
The management is hit or miss- pay is average. A decent job during college but not to support a family unless you get into management, requires exceptional customer service skills. (This is a review from attractions attendant for 4 years, 8 different venues trained)
When comparing my current role at Universal Orlando Resort to my previous role at Menchies Frozen Yogurt, I can say I feel valued and appreciated. I like how we get compensated every time a Guest leaves positive feedback about us and I like how we receive quarterly reviews to evaluate our performance. I like how the company is not seniority based and people get rewarded based on their performance. I like how I have been able to grow, get cross trained in multiple positions, and how I was able to become a trainer. One of my favorite things about the company is their open door policy, how every member of management is going to know you by name and how they are always going to be there for you. One thing I don't like about my specific department is even though they say progression is merit based, they give you stupid excuses about why you are unable to move up and they are terrible at giving negative feedback. I dislike how my 1st raise was only 30 cents even though I work my butt off.
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Fantastic place to work! I made many friends in a short amount of time. The perks are amazing, I mean who doesn't want to go to a theme park for FREE!!!
If your intentions are to move up, then this may be the place for you.
I like that your supervisors and leads actually care about you. The job can get difficult sometimes since it's centered around guest service, but it they do a good job of keeping up the morale. There is a lot of opportunity for promotion and development within the company. The people who work at Universal are also very nice. A great job for people who are in college.
Working for Universal has been a great experience. It is a fun environment, decent pay, and they provide a lot of great perks and benefits. This company treats everyone as if they matter rather than treating them like just a number, which is amazing with the amount of employees they have.
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