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All of my co-workers of professional and fun to work with. All of the benefits that UHS gives to it's employees are among the best.
Manager is very transparent. what you see is what you get. What i like most about working here is the staff at night. they are very helpful and knowledgeable of the work environment and content. What i do really helps patients feel more comfortable. Love working the night time but would like to work mornings because of school during the evening. I literally have to drive from anaheim to beverly hills everyday. Monday-Fridays. I would also like to see management get a little more involved and engage in our work environment so he can see the daily tasks and obstacles we are faced every part of the day. Other than I am grateful for the opportunity they have given me. One last thing, their tuition refund policy is a great opportunity they have for college students who are planning to go into the biomedical engineer or technician field.
There has been a long and systemic failure of leadership from UHS' hospital operations management. The relationships which the Hospital Operations Manager ought to have cultivated, they have not. They have failed on all levels:
1) At integrating UHS as a member of the hospital operations apparatus,
2) To cultivate lasting relationships with hospital staff and administrators,
3) To grasp both the business and healthcare aspects of day-to-day hospital operations,
4) To retain up and coming employees or offer advancement opportunities vis-a-vi account growth, and
5) They merely failed in leading their team.
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UHS is a very fast paced equipment management company. We have several different types of pieces that are used by the hospital. Staff is expected to deliver, clean, replace, and provide quality care.
Training is difficult for new employees because there is so much they need to learn. Management is very poor in this area and trainees will often find themselves confused or out of place.
Issues between shifts and employees is not resolved in good ways and management is poor at diffusing tension.
What has kept me in this positon for so long is the pay for entry level employees and tuition reimbursement. I am very knowledgeable about all aspects of my position and am constantly a resource for other employees. I enjoy the actual work and being in a hospital setting.
I have had a constant hands-on learning experience in customer service, biomedical services, and patient safety. The company is continuously growing, and if you are eager to learn new skills, they have many options. The environment is in a hospital setting, so you work alongside patients, nurses, doctors, and families. You have the opportunity to grow as an individual because you will face challenges every day. The company does provide life-saving services, and they are always looking for ways to improve. Some of the improvements I suggest is more intensive training that is geared to a more professional environment. They teach you the skills to provide what is needed, but often employees are left to their idea of how to handle stressful situations. I would also like to see improvements that shift the company in a more efficient direction.
I enjoy my managers, but I would like to see more tam building exercises with all of the departments.
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