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I have worked for a UHS facility for almost 9 years. I can see their dedication to the community and bettering their ability to help people all over the country. As an employee, I feel my voice is heard and I have room to grow in my profession.
I am not a fan of the HR department. Although we do not encounter as much since we are at the hospital. I feel like HR should do more for employees in matters of caring if we are doing ok. Some Days our field is hard and we do not get as much support as we should. If it wasn’t for that, then I would be very happy here.
The job was ok great work but the staff Is uncoordinated unprofessional and has low employee satisfaction
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Has Old School Of Medical Operation In Place, Is Excellent To Grasp Knowledge For A Year, System Should Eventually Change
I have been employed here for 10 years and still find it an interesting place to work. There are now opportunities to expand your expertise with classes offered for growth.
Although this is a large Fortune 500 company, there is a feeling that this is a 'mom and pop' organization that is warm and welcoming.
We are still run by the founder and that offers the feeling of stability as we've been in business for 40 years.
If you were looking for a stable organization in healthcare, an industry that is not going anywhere, I'd recommend searching here.
I'm happy with my company and my job. I love every day going to work and helping people. The one area I would like to see change is adding more staff in needed areas and not overloading current staff.
I work at one of UHS's many residential facilities as a Mental Health Specialist. It provides a great place to gain experience following college, and there are some opportunities for advancement. Managerial support is inconsistent which is often frustrating and contributes to low retention of employees.
Overall, UHS provides pretty good care and strives to deliver the best. Sometimes, I don't agree with some of the corporate decisions that are made that impact my facility, but UHS does its best to be considerate of its facilities and employees on the whole. My personal experience at my facility has been great almost entirely due to the wonderful people I've been privileged to work with.
Great company, great founding vision, insightful leadership. Poor middle management, entrenched buddy culture.
This company promotes improvement and supports scheduling to ensure success while in school. Compensation is comparible and they offer a 2000 a year tuition reimbursement. most employees can say they have a best friend at work as your team promotes safety each day on each unit.
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