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Wonderful place to work for . Managers are great u get to work from home ,the benefits are great and u get paid vacation it is a wonderful place to work for .
I like everything about this company. Not only did UGH give me a chance to have stable employment there was also opportunity for growth. This company really cares about their employees and thay makes a difference.
Work with amazing people. There is disconnect between upper management and support staff. They talk about lean but at times they seem to want more in a shorter amount of time. The take forever to get rid of bad people.
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I enjoy the work. I understand the business. When it comes to the way management deals with workplace issues, I am very dismayed. Zero tolerance policies aren’t actually zero policy. Some of the leadership doesn’t seem to care if they are good at managing interpersonal issues.
So many opportunities within this company. Amazing internship program and benefits for full time employees. Employees are caring.
I like that there is always opportunity for growth. People who I started with are now team leads and on their way to becoming supervisors. There is also a good work life balance.
UHC is great company to work for. They have good benefits and are accommodating with work life balance. My team is supportive and have been great mentors since I first started. The only gripe as that because it's such a huge company, it can be difficult to navigate and get internal information.
It's a great company to work for if you want more experience in the healthcare insurance industry. You are provided with all the tools to make your job experience an a successful one.
Overall great experience. Love the employees and flexibility. Great opportunity to be able to help others.
The pay is decent for not needed a degree. You also have cheap premiums for health insurance! I love that I get to work from home!
The company states they are great for development and growth but it is not truly the case. They emphasize it right before reviews and then it falls off every other time of year. The focus is customers and profit, not employees
Great place to work with alot of benefits and perks. The health insurance benefits could be better and offer more options. Overall it is a great company with alot of room to grow.
Company has great values and ethics. I wish that they offered better less expensive health benefits for employees and I wish that their tuition reimbursement program was a little more lenient
UnitedHealthcare is overall a good company to work for. Management is very nice and tries to work with you. They let us flex our time for doctor's appointment instead of using out PTO hours.
This is probably one of the best companies I've ever worked for.The benefits are pretty good,hsa contributions,, health rewards,company discounts for many things including school,reimbursement for school and tons more,cant beat it!
Great people. Promote from within. Always willing to help. Good work like balance. Great benefits. Pay could be more but we all think that we could be paid more
The pay is pretty decent. The hours are sometimes long depending on your position within the company. Mine can be stressful due to the type of job that I have. a call center position.
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I have worked here 9 years and I love the open-mindedness of the company. I recommend United Healthcare to everyone.
I love working for this organization. They encourage us and promote from within. They provide resources to help us continue to grwo and learn. They have great benefits. The leadership is amazing. They provide feedback and let us know how the company is doing. They match donations we give to diferent cause x3. They love helping the community.
I do appreciate the benefits that we get as employees, the most important for me is that I can work from home and that my hours are flexible. I do have to say that it is very hard to get a promotion and also internally the company had limited resources for investing in process improvements for the employee
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