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Overall my experience has had many ups and downs. I would encourage the organization to care more about their employees and advancing their careers and not be all about organizational politics.
I love working for United Health Care Group. I work for a LHI which is a part of United Health Care. United Health Care has excellent benefits.
The company values and develops their people. They provide an exceptional work-life balance and endless advancement opportunities.
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Pros: Telecommute, generous paid time off, compensation is competitive, flexible work hours
Cons: Tuition reimbursement is limited, average 401K match, average health coverage
This has been such an amazing company to work for. There is plenty of opportunity for development and growth. There are so many different avenues available for your impact to matter and the company really shows their appreciation for the workers.
I enjoy working at United health care. The job is so fulfilling. If you enjoy helping others you will love it. I never knew what an impact you can make on someone's life by giving them advice, and helping them with everyday health needs!
Great Company, but should focus more on employee incentives and benefits to show appreciation. This is no easy job but we take pride in making sure our customers are well taken care of . Benefits could be better considering we work for the company . Overall great company and I’m sure it will only get better.
I have had a great experience so far with UnitedHealth, I was able to receive a promotion in a couple of years with the company and I love my new role and the ability to work from home.
UHG is very flexible in allowing their employees to take care of personal matters without getting docked. The pay, even for entry level positions is higher than most jobs I've looked at, especially without a degree! I would most definitely recommend this job to someone I am close to.
From compassion to innovation, United Health Group takes the number 1 spot on my employer list. This is the best company that I’ve ever worked for. With perks and benefits: great health insurance, 401k, tuition reimbursement, bonuses, the ability to work from home full time, etc., United Health Group truly cares about its employees. Additionally, UHG strives to provide the best care for its patients. I have been working here for 2 years and I plan to leave never.
I truly enjoyed speaking with the insured customers, and helping them to better understand their plan. The 80/20% the members did not understand. It was my pleasure to fully research when a claim isn't paid, or the patient hasn't met his/her deductible.

Truly enjoyed resolving issues for the members and explaining other options in regards to health insurance.
Very diverse. People always willing to help and show you new things. The company also helps if you want to continue your education. They doctors also are willing to help and explain what is going on with the patient and break things down.
The company has a great system for the elderly and the preventive examinations that are performed are great for the patients. Patients education on the RGV market are getting much better with their health and compliant with their medications. I love working for the company and I know I'am making a difference on someone else life.
I like my manager. My coworkers are helpful. I like the starting pay for social work positions. I like working from home. It can be stressful. It's hard to take a vacation from my current position.
UHG is an incredible workplace where people are driven to make a difference every day. I feel fortunate to be part of the team.
I like the overall work environment in the home health aspect. I feel the service that I providento my patients is appreciated by my patients and their loved ones. I love him health care and would not trade it for anything else.
This is an amazing company to work for! There is paid time off, overtime pay, paid vacations, and work from home opportunities; just to name a few perks. They also have an employee stock purchase program and a 401k that matches your contribution. They also have yearly raises and monthly bonus opportunities. UnitedHealthCare is the #1 health insirance company in America for a reason.
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Easier advancement opportunities, currently needing to jump through hoops even if qualified for the positions.
United Health Group has great core values that are instilled in each employee. I have truly enjoyed working for a reputable company that puts its employees first.
This place is full of inspiring people, Doing Their Best Work helping each other, help one another as they come to common ground to heal, treat, and revive those who seek their help.
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