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United is really understanding about scheduling and hires many high school students who can only work certain times throughout the week. The primary issue I have seen is some lack of efficiency, due to the massive amount of employees on the payroll, so it is hard to get a consistent schedule and every week you must work different hours than the week before. The pay is very low, but it is not hard work mentally or physically, but if you will only be able to get about 10 hours a week it might not be worth it with the low pay.
I love working here. Great management as well as good benefits and customer service. Offer competitive prices and great options of food.
I have thoroughly enjoyed being a cashier at one of the many United Supermarket stores. I chose to get a part-time job at a United Supermarket store because as a customer I always noticed how wonderful the staff was. When I began working, I was not disappointed as my coworkers were friendly both when dealing with customers and in daily conversations. In addition to the wonderful coworkers, the management is great. They have the highest standards of any other place I have held a part-time job and these standards create the best atmosphere. I genuinally love being a cashier because of my amazing coworkers and because of the great atmosphere.
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I don't work at the one in Lubbock, I work and live in Amarillo. United is a good company to work for and they do their best to work with your schedule.
Great place to work! Working here for six year. They are flexible with hours. Supervisors are great to work for. great high school and college job. I encourage peers to work for this company.
An overall good company to work for. The most attractive feature of this job is the flexibility that is given when it comes to hours.
I work at United Supermarkets for the sake of having extra money going into college and they acknowledge that fact and the fact that I'm still in school and they work with my hours to try and help me balance money and school.
I have worked for United for almost 4 years and I've mostly enjoyed it. The pay could be better but it is mostly for young people looking for a great starting job. I have always enjoyed talking to our guests and getting them everything they need.
I have learned so much from working here! I have gained many skills I know will be useful throughout my life and education. It was definitely a great first job. Most people I work with, especially the management, is very considerate. You make friends and connections. They also work very well with your schedule. They will work with you to find the best option for both you and the company.
When I first arrived at United, the people were very friendly and welcoming. The store, along with the United Family, is a very home-like environment. Everyone knows everyone, and we all act like a community.
The United Supermarket management is very upfront with what they want from you as an employee and how they want you to do it. They also are very upfront about why decisions are made and how they will effect you as an employee. I have loved my experience here because of the different personalities that helps us all get along.
Market Street has been a good experience so far. Being in college, they work with my schedule every semester and it is easy to get days off. My coworkers are friendly and I enjoy going to work with such great people!
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