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Most of the jobs here are rolling temporary positions. Even if the scientist wants to hire you for a more permanent position, that decision is completely out of their hands.
The center director of the Pacific Basin Agricultural Research Center is a poor leader and a person whom i believe to be slightly mentally unstable. I have witnessed several behaviors that support my claim.
I work for the U.S. Department of State as a Government Contractor. It is relatively organized and has a steady to fast pace flow environment. Most colleagues are extremely kind and helpful. Everyone works together to meet the departments goals.
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I work for the USDA Forest Service as a Dispatcher and have done so for 8 years now. There are good and bad to the department, but most of the bad comes from it being a federally run department. It serves well and it's purpose is important.
My experience working for the US Department of Agriculture was pretty standard, as is the case with many governmental jobs. I didn't see a lot of growth opportunities at my office which is why I ultimately decided to leave and go to graduate school. I did enjoy being able to work from home three days a week.
I've had a great experience at NFC. I learned different tasks and skills that will help me to be competitive in the work environment. To add to my work related skills, I decided to go to school to help me to become even more marketable.
This is a civil service job that is very important for the safety of our nation's food supply. However, co-workers are often difficult to deal with and take their jobs for granted. Many employees are not dependable, which makes things worse for those who do go to work.
I love it, I have had nothing but amazing experiences working with USDA. I have learned a lot and continue to learn daily from the amazing people at the facility.
Great government job with lots of different experiences on job training. Lots of different benefits and best place to start a life long job to plant roots.
I intern under a hydrologist/ environmental engineer at this research center. Mostly everyone is friendly here and I am glad I picked this position. Sometimes it is hard to socialize as an intern but all that is needed is for you to show your face more and try to engage.
I love working here. The management is great and the hours are flexible, making work enjoyable. People seem genuinely happy to work here.
Great benefits, retirement system, health insurance. Paid holidays and weekends off. Assisting farmers with the reporting of crops in county office.
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