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I enjoyed the friends I made in the Coast Guard. People were truly close, and I made many lifelong relationships. What I would like to see changed is better chosen and trained leaders.
I love this organization and the people that support it! I'm proud to serve my country and support the military members that do so also.
I started out after high school not knowing what I really wanted to do. I found the Coast Guard while commercially fishing in Alaska. Shortly after returning home I did some research to find out more about the career. I decided to join and 20 years later am about to retire. The career provided tons of options. The missions we conduct are very easy to be supportive of. I was able to have a very diverse career and tailor it as I wanted. The starting pay is around $40,000 and within five years you make over $60,000. You have the option to retire with 50% pay at 20 years and collect it right after retiring. Having a family and everything that comes with it was very is being employed by the Coast Guard. Medical and dental is completely paid for you and your family.
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The Coast Guard does not keep you confined to your position, if you are able to assist in other ways or think outside of the box, they are happy to allow you to do that.
The Coast Guard is an amazing service. I have been active duty for about 4 years not and I love it. The Coast Guard has met all my expectations and beyond. This service really cares about its people and is passionate about ensure the best for the service as a whole. I would not change my job for the world.
It's been good. I have been provided with many growth opportunities and ability to receive an education. I am learning a technical skill that i can apply to the civilian world should i decide to get out of the military. The cost guard is the smallest branch but boii other branch provides a program that guarantees you a commission upon graduation. I think i made a good choice in joining the coast guard even though we tend to get forgotten about by Congress.
A career in United States Coast Guard is a rewarding and exciting job. It has taken me all over the world, I have saved peoples lives, provided security for the President of the United States, prevented terrorist attacks, seized numerous tons of drugs, and written policy for the organization that effect over 270 small boat stations and ships. I have enjoyed every part of it so far. The Coast Guard is a family first organization they honestly care about the well being of my dependents just as much as me, the leaders of the Coast Guard understands that my job is inherently dangerous and if my mind is not on the task at hand then people can die, therefore your work life balance is very high on their agenda. I also like the numerous jobs available e.g. (electrician, operational specialist, mechanic, IT, and many more) where you will be trained on the cutting edge of your trade. There is nothing I would change about the organization I feel it is headed in the right direction.
I love the Coast Guard. Going Active duty is the best decision I have ever made. There are several benefits health care wise, and continuing education wise.
The Coast Guard is the best thing that ever happened to me. It is a guaranteed job and insurance, and the people at every unit I've been to are accommodating and teach great leadership. It is entirely self-paced and you serve a great mission.
If you love a challenge, love to travel, and want to be a part of something bigger than yourself, the Coast Guard is for you! You're sure to find a speciality that fits your personality. Advancing in ranks occurs faster than other branches of the US military requiring only a minimum time in your pay grade and successful completion of knowledge-based exams. You can be stationed on ships large and small, small boat stations, air stations, command centers, or land-based support units in almost every state in the US including Puerto Rico, Guam, and the Bahamas! Healthcare covers yourself with nothing out of pocket and almost nothing out of pocket for dependents. Tuition assistance makes earning a degree while serving cost-free and earn VA benefits upon discharge to further or begin your education.
Benefits package is wonderful. Management
environment varies per location. Great career opportunities.
It's been the most eventful past three years of my life! Being stationed on a ship you never know where you're going to go or what you're going to do next.
The United States Coast Guard is an amazing organization to join. Not only are you provided with top notch training you become a part of a family. The benefits and compensation are a bonus.
The US Coast Guard is the most impressive organization I have ever worked for. Many people do not know that the Coast Guard actually has less members in it (42,000) than the NYPD. Because it is so small there is really a family mentality that you do not see in many other work environments.

It does depend on where you're stationed but of all the services I find that the Coast Guard is the most family friendly and understanding when life happens.
I have had the honor and privilege to serve in the United States Coast Guard for a total of 10 years now, currently I plan on going in the reserves so I can finish my bachelors degree.
USCG has great opportunities that you can not get in the civilian world such as advancement, health insurance, paid time off, education, travel, and job security.
Joining the Coast Guard has become the best decision of my life. The job is demanding but if you put in the effort that is required of you, you will be more than rewarded. Commands are very understanding of personal situations and are family-friendly. At most units, coworkers become a sort of tight knit family due to the nature of our work. Your really can't go wrong with joining the Coast Guard.
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This is a great job, with great benefits and the ability to grow in both personal and professional qualities.
Sun, Surf, and saving lives. The personnel are top rate and the support staff does the best they can with what we have. Commands come and go, but the Aloha spirit keeps us close. the workload is endless, but the rewards are phenomenal.
As a civilian for the US Coast Guard, it provides many supportive programs. The environment and climate helps employees feel comfortable to explore many ways of accomplishing tasks.
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