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It was a learning experience. It was a work force I never saw myself in. I learn how the equipment worked, for example boom lifts. The management welcomed me with open arms and was aware I was attending school. They were supportive of me getting a education and knew I was going to be there short term.
United Rentals is a great company to work for. Advancement opportunity is easily obtainable if it is something you desire. They seem to genuinely care for their employees and offer many great benefits as well. There are hundreds of locations so moving to a new city can be stress free if you are able to transfer within the organization.
I started working at united rentals in Tampa, fl in October and love the culture. Its a family friendly atmosphere, everyone is on the same team and helpfully, it really feels like a job. I wouldn't change a thing about the company and working here management is always willing to work with you with school or children related activities.
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There are over 15,000 employees, so you really have to be in the right position and place in order to get promotion. Benefits are average, but the company really embraces teamwork and safety. They always have your back even when it comes to personal issues.
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