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I was fresh out of undergrad when I began working for United Parcel Services. I was shy, unsure of my place here and felt as if I was not qualified to do the job. I did not believe in my abilities to help run an office but my supervisor saw something in me that I clearly did not see in myself! She stayed on me consistently and I am now being considered for a position as a supervisor! This is truly amazing considering that it has not even been a year since I have began working at the company. I must admit that I have grown as a person, as an employee and as a student here at UPS. Our company has a tuition reimbursement program that I am very grateful for because I am able to go to school, once again, with financial aid assistance! This company has more to offer than I thought it did and I am proud to be apart of it!
Overall my experience with the company has been great. However, the company lacks giving feedback to employees on whether they're doing well or not. Training is all computer-based, and you are kind of just thrown in there.
Its a very physical job, which I enjoy. If i could change one thing, it would be the work ethic of some of the other employees.
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Great place to work benefits and Union lots of opportunities for within company promotion with or without college degree. But too much work volume and not enough to employees to meet demand.
I would say I have never been degraded, morally beat down by my upper managers until I arrived here. I learned this phrase working at UPS, “shit rolls downhill” and “there are no excuses” does not apply to upper management. Upper management is a perfect example of “do as I say not as I do.” They move unqualified people with no people skills to manage others... What I would like to see changed is new managers and supervisors with good people management skills. Not this BS online training that a monkey could pass if he clicks enough of the right answers. Fix the top down not the bottom up. Sure, I could leave, but I have no confidence after what I’ve been put here. Pay your hourly management team, don’t stop us from reporting over 5.5 hours and/or 8 hours and having us roll the overage to another day.
The work is physically demanding, but doesn't require much mental input. The pay for part-time is good, the benefits are excellent. The Union is an asset. It is a great part time job!
This is easily the worst place I've ever worked. The pay is decent, but the work is back-breaking at times. I only applied to take advantage of the tuition reimbursement. After many long months of hard work, it did not pay off how I thought it would. The company shorted me several thousand dollars, and when I confronted them about them not giving me the tuition money, I was more or less told to go and self-copulate. I was put in many demanding situations that required more than what I was realistically capable of. There are many unsafe pieces of equipment that are all oder than I am. Just working here til I transfer to school. A job is a job.
Good pay, long hours, honest work. If offered a promotion, don't take it. It's not worth it. Stay hourly and stay in the union, don't become management.
It is extremely hard work but the benefits make it worth while. There are plenty of opportunities to move up within the Union.
I work at United Postal Service as a package handler. I typically work around four hours Monday through Friday. The pay here is really good. The hours are super flexible but, it is a very hard and tiring job. You have to lift 5-70lb packages and load them into a truck. It can be stressful at times because a lot of packages would come in and it's more than I can handle. Sometimes a supervisor would tell me to "hurry up" when I am going as fast as I can. Not all the supervisors are like that its only a few. We don't get any breaks it's just loading packages into a truck for four hours straight. Most of the time I'm in the truck alone loading all the packages that come into that truck. Monday is usually the worst because that's when we get the most packages but getting closer to Friday we start getting fewer packages. I just wish they did a better job at managing the packages so we don't hit with a cluster of packages because that's the only time it becomes more than I can handle.
25 years , current operations manager. Work life balance is terrible, long hours, days are frustrating, and the environment is very unethical. You are expected to coerce employees who get injured no to report injury but if you get caught doing so you are punished for it.
My experience at ups has gradual grown to become a great, lesson learning, and empowering experience. I started as a young naive 19 year old and I was placed on a difficult belt (Pd-9) that started off as my daily hell that I dreaded going to after class. Now it’s become my second classroom and a place where I clock in and get work done with my second family. Ups overall has taught me worth of a dollar, responsibility, and outstanding work ethic.
Great job for college students that works very well with your schedule. Oh and did I forget to mention that they help pay for college! Good pay, tuition assistance, amazing benefits, its a pretty hard job to beat.
UPS is a fast paced, never a dull day, rewarding job that has boundless opportunities for growth, is customer service oriented and really takes care of their employees. I have been with UPS 2 years now and loved every moment. The manual labor aspect was tough at first but after the first month I was in better physical condition than I had ever been. I really enjoyed the steady work out and the benifits of a stronger body. UPS was kind of a surprise job for me and everday since it's been sureprising me how much I love it!
Would like to see more opportunities for growth. Full management caring more about their part time management should happen more. I get targeted all the time and there is more than needed work place drama.
Working at UPS has been quite an experience, there are many qualities and skills I have learned. There are also things that could change in the company regarding employees and the way things are managed.
I feel very fortunate and blessed to work at UPS. Provided me with 26 years of Job security in an industry that is in High demand,due to online ordering. Great benefits, Good pay, Pension Union job. As a "Blue Collar" worker when asked where I am employed it's with great pride when I answer UPS.
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At UPS I love the fact that they are very focused on all of their employees getting an education. I love and value the help and benefits that they offer to all of their employees, management and hourly. I really enjoy being a part time supervisor with this company. I've learned so many different things and gained many skills and talents with this company. I think one thing that could be changed to better the company is implementing more employee recognition programs for management and employees.
The pay was really well and consistent. There were options to advance in the company. It's a great way to get exercise.
Good job for young people just starting out in the workforce, or if you want to become a driver. It's a lot of work for a little of pay supervisors either unqualified or don't care. management is worse on some aspect because they don't encourage good and proper communication in the work place. The health benefits are the best part of the job, if your union
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