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313 Iron Horse Way
Providence, RI 02908

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Delivery & Warehousing, Food & Beverage
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The job takes a while to master and is extensively physically demanding. Being able to adjust to the physical demands takes time. Hours per week vary from 45 to 75, daily hours vary from 10-20. Additional mandatory hours may be added with little or no warning. Management has consistently displayed the tendency to lie and deceive in order to temporarily and artificially increase morale. The lone upsides to the job are potential additional pay for high performance, above average medical benefits, and zero concern about having enough work to not be laid off.
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i work for Cub, a subsidiary of UNFI. My store is pleasant to work in, most of the time. My job is fairly easy as well. Wish i got paid as much as my co-workers, though. For a part-time job the benefits are OK; just happy that bereavement pay is generous. (Sadly both my parents passed in recent weeks so i've had to use a lot of it.) i would let myself get promoted to Customer Service Manager, but not if i dont get any more pay (not worth the extra hassle).

Things could be better, but for an entry level part time job, i dont expect much to change.
The pay was okay, but the workload was very difficult. We were required to come in at 0200AM, and would be forced to work 12-14 hour days consistently. It became overwhelming very quickly, and as a Purchase Order Discrepancy Research Clerk who was a single mom and College student, I struggled a lot with the work schedule.