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12208 N Mo-Pac Expy
Austin, TX 78758
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United Heritage Credit Union Reviews

3 reviews
I have worked in the financial world for 8 years. I have worked for big banks, state banks, and credit unions. By far the best experience not only as an employee but also as a consumer was at a credit union. Credit unions are not for profit organizations so the are able to give back savings to their members in the form of low fees and low auto and home interest rates. Credit unions tend to be local or regional and serve their communities by volunteering. Big financial institutions do not. Members of credit unions and also treated acted very differently. Most are on a first name basis while customers at a big bank are treated as a number. Working for a credit union has been so rewarding that I will never work for a big bank again.
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It's great. I loved the job, they were friendly and the management cares about you. If you are student in college, they can definitely work with you and your hours with school.
I love the atmosphere that is set by the employees. Always willing to help in any way they can. I can describe the feel as very family friendly and welcoming. Not at all intimidating like some banks can be.