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The people I work with are amazing. It is a fun environment yet challenging at time. We are understaffed and have been for months and are finally starting to hire others. It is about time. Assisting customer can be rewarding or highly challenging. Some are nice, some are not.
I was at Four Oaks Bank which recently was bought out by UCBI last year. I really like the bank I've been with the bank for 11 years now and I feel like I can talk to anyone about anything it I need to. Just like all banks it has its likes and dislikes but there is more likes then there is dislikes. What I think makes us standout from all there's is we are a community bank which people like and at my branch we are very lead back and our customers love it.
Branches are well kept and offer a clean, prosperous environment. The company gives you a lot of time off through holidays, vacation and paid sick leave. I wish they catered to their entry level employees more. The pay is very low for the industry.
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United Community Bank is one of the largest growing banks in the country. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with everybody though. UCBI is one of the most genuine banks and its employees are the kindest, most thoughtful people around. They go out of their way to treat customers with the utmost respect and do everything they can for them. My manager is one of the best bosses I have ever had and anybody would be lucky to work with my manager. A lot more young college grads are being hired so the culture has become more fun and lively.
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