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The pay and health and travel benefits are wonderful. The hours can be flexible if working with other employees to pick up or drop shifts. The problem is everyone isn’t treated the same. Some employees has friendships with management so they are allowed to get away with things regular employees are not able to do.
I work at the Lincoln Airport for United Airlines and the last three years have been good to me. The job is very helpful with being able to do both school and work.
My experience with United and truly been a gift. The flexibility and schedule that I have is far from the normal 9-5 which for me is perfect. Being able to have time to be to execute other personal and educational goals creates the a great life balance for me. I can go into each trip with genuine happiness and content knowing that I can continue to push and develop myself and my mind in and outside of my career.
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United Airlines is an amazing place to work if you love to travel! This company is so large that there are thousands of opportunities for anyone to find exactly what they want to do, and get to see the world for free while working on their career.
Great Manager, Collaborative Work environment, Good benefits. I found that working at United the company has great transparency in sending out messages to employees. I also like that there is an opportunity to move laterally between different corporate positions in order to grow my specific skills. The location could be a bit better, but Chicago is definitely a fun city too.
Management and work rules usually fall in favor of higher ups. They take away our pay and give us more tasks. The employee feels under appreciated.

The travel and health benefits are great and so are coworkers.
The company is really trying to grow and to still make the employees feel like family. The base supervisors are over loaded with too much responsibility and therefore isn’t the greatest environment for new employees who need more guidance. There are endless possibilities for employees who enjoy volunteering for several different community events. The benefits are some of the best in the industry. Since the flight attendant merge last fall the bases are harder to transfer to. The pay is one of the best in the business.
It’s ok. Not the best company i have worked for also not the worst. I wouldn’t really recommend anyone to come work for this company even tho i have in the past. The company has changed and they do the bare minimums, also only care about the stock price.
United is a diverse organization. The management team in certain departments are more relatable than others. There isn’t room for growth if you are an agent. In order to move from an agent to management you will have to take a pay cut.
United is a great employer that has a clear path for being the best in its industry. It's an exciting time to be a part of the team here.
Great Atmosphere! Spectacular Friendly Customer Service. Agents are very family oriented among one another. Flying experience is one of the best. Strives to get customers to their destination, on-time and most important, safely.
United airlines is a large company whose bottom line is money. Unfortunately, they are not concerned about there employees safety. There is not much room for those employees that are injured on the job. United is always more concerned with the money than the person who helps to bring in the money.
The flight benefits have been awesome. I have been able to see much of the world. Having said that the work/life balance is brutal. You are often overworked and tired when on reserve. Management views you as just a number and doesn't seem to care.
I have worked for United Airlines for 11 years now. Almost two years in the catering and nine more on the ramp as a baggage and handler. Both jobs were great. The only negative is the stress and time management you have to aquire in order to complete your flights on time. The pay is definitely work the job and finding the time to use your other benefits like flying for free makes the job that much more fun.
i absolutely love my job. i have been here for 12+ years and the flexibility is amazing. the health insurance is extremely beneficial and great for the employees. The diversity in this business is next to nothing. All walks of life work here, and it teaches us how to accept culture.
As a summer intern, I'm given real things to do that directly impact the company. The management here has been not just helpful, but incredibly welcoming and willing to help me grow.
As a new flight attendant you begin your career on call with ten days off a month. Everything regarding your schedule as a flight attendant is dependent on seniority. When you have seniority, you are able to hold better schedules as a reserve and better trips as a line holder (when you know all of your trips for the month and are not on call). As a whole, the job is fairly flexible. You can work for the first half of the month and have the second half off if that is what works for you. The company also offers leaves, which you can take if you want a break from flying. This will allow me to attend school near my domicile without quitting my job, while being able to fly during the summer. Overall, I think there a ways to make this career match your lifestyle regardless of what it may be while also offering great benefits!
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I like that we are getting raises abd benefits but i would like to change employee fairness throughout the company.
working for united has been a great career choice for myself and my family. even with working nights and weekends the pay and benefits make the time away from my family and friends tolerable. the employees look out for each other and work together to make sure everyone finished the tasks at hand in a timely manner, and we all take pride in knowing as a team we make our station succeed to the public and our shareholders. we feel like we truly make a difference ever night even if we don't always get acknowledged for the technical work we provide. Our leads, supervision, and managers seem to have our best interest in mind when they are on shift. our leads go above and beyond most of the time without even asking if we need the help, as our supervision is always there to help with vacation and scheduling questions. United airlines had given me the opportunity to give my family a safe steady life where we don't go hungry or have to deal with constant moving and worry about layoffs.
United Airlines is going trough changes after having a horrible CEO for years. The public and media love to hate on my airline, but when I work on the plane most of the customers make my job amazing. The benefits are even better. Whenever one of us goes trough struggles our airline does not disappoint. They have stepped up and helped our employees when we have a death in the family, when there is a natural disaster, when our family is struggling or any other hardship you can think of. They make sure we are taken care of and the workplace is only getting better,
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